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Riverview Trust Benefits from Signs and Graphics for Banks in the Portland Metro Area

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As you prepare to open a new location, you’re likely busy with immediate needs, such as remodeling the space to fit your business. You may think that your suite has to be completely finished before you can commission new signage. We’re here to prove to you that your signs and graphics for banks in the Portland Metro area (and elsewhere) can be ready for you before your facility is even built.  Logo Lobby Signs create a proffessional space. lobby sign

A Trust Company with a View

Situated on Meadows Road in Lake Oswego, Riverview Trust Company was established nearly two decades ago in Vancouver. As a state-chartered trust company, they provide wealth planning, trust services, and investment management to families, nonprofits, and individuals throughout Oregon and Washington.

Riverview Trust wanted something spectacular for their new office space. The Mighty Sign Makers love doing the spectacular. It was a match made in Portland! “Specialty” is part of our name, and “soup to nuts” projects are our favorite game. It doesn’t hurt that our staff is a bunch of mixed nuts. The good kind, not just peanuts and Brazil nuts. We’ve got plenty of cashews in there!

Riverview Trust Could Trust Us to Make Them Look Great

Our first few meetings were about designs. Riverview Trust’s logo featured the Columbia River and Mt. Hood. We thought, “No problem! We can see Mt. Hood from our shop!” But then, they threw us for a curve: they wanted the mountain mirrored on the river. How could we keep the logo simple but incorporate this complex attribute? Plus, they wanted a 3D sign mounted away from the wall and incorporating the logo in brushed aluminum.

We put our heads together and quickly decided that we were getting a little too close and awkwardly moved to our idea table. Once we were all more comfortable, we came up with breaking the reflection of the mountain in the logo into strips and using two colors to make it really pop.

After we got the logo lobby sign down, it was time to stretch our brain cells a bit more and create unique and stylish signs for the rest of the office. When we saw glass on some of the office doors and walls, we came up with a brilliant idea. What if we could create dimensional nameplates that look like they’re floating in mid-air? Home run! Of course, not everyone gets an office with an (interior and exterior) view. For the solid doors, we used the same signs and mounted them on the doors. The door leading into the suite is glass and wood. This was perfect for the frosted vinyl look.

Installation Stall

We had all of the signs ready. At that point, we just needed to wait for the construction team to finish building out the office. We couldn’t wait for installation day and neither could the good folks at Riverview. Finally, the build-out was completed, and we could work our Mighty Sign Magic.

We’re proud of the fantastic results. And, more importantly, everyone at Riverview Trust loved how the signs looked in their new digs.

Do you need attractive custom signs and graphics for banks in the Portland Metro Area? Call in the Mighty Sign Makers at SGS today!