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5 Tips for Effective Trade Show Displays in Portland

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If you ever went to a school dance growing up, you’ve likely had the experience of waiting for someone to ask you to join them on the dance floor. Of course, at that young of age, everyone is waiting and too nervous to ask others. I bring this up not to force you to relive those sweaty years but instead to share with you what it’s like to have ineffective trade show displays in Portland, Oregon. No one comes to your booth, and you feel embarrassed. Plus, you have nothing to show for the money you spent on your dress, err, I mean booth.

Fortunately, Specialty Graphic Solutions wants you to be the belle of the ball. That’s why we’ve put together these tips for effective trade show exhibits:

1. What’s Cookin’ Good Lookin’

Great looking booths are what attract promising leads at trade shows. This makes it imperative that you put effort into the overall design of your exhibit and that you use bright warm colors. In addition, your message should be visible both near and far from every direction. This can be achieved with optimum lighting and straightforward signage.

2. Be Approachable

You could have the prettiest display this side of the North Pole, but if you have a scrooge working your booth, you can forget about enticing new customers. Professional booth attendants with smiling faces are a must. Since some attendees prefer pamphlets, flyers, and other reading materials, you should have an array of different display alternatives to appeal to these different tastes. A tablet or HD screen is a great interactive option that doesn’t require sometimes intimidating person-to-person contact.

3. Leverage Social Media

As you prepare for a trade show, you should create a social media marketing plan. A clever way to approach this is to engage with people who have mentioned the trade show on social media or who have checked in at the venue. Offer special incentives to get them to come to your booth.

4. Have Promotions and Contests

Many event-goers go from booth-to-booth signing up for special promotions, prize drawings, and contests. This is a great opportunity to collect leads. For instance, you could require attendees to fill out a questionnaire, contact form, or to hand over a business card to register. Retractable banner stands are excellent for advertising your contest.

5. Have Branded Gift Giveaways

Everyone loves free stuff. As with the above promotions, many people also go to every exhibit picking up giveaways. Put some thought into what you give away. For instance, a sign shop might offer miniature dry erase A-frame signs. Bags are a smart idea for any enterprise because people need some way to carry all of their tchotchkes. At the same time, your logo will be clearly visible for all to see. By the way, we’re the pros when it comes to creating branded giveaways.

You may have noticed a theme with these tips: you need to plan well ahead of your event if you want to be successful. You also need to call up the mighty sign makers at SGS for the best trade show displays in Portland, Oregon. Contact us today for a free consultation!