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A Quick Guide to Trade Show Displays

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Trade shows and business expos are an excellent opportunity to get your company’s name out there. Still, it can be a bit confusing figuring out what the best signage options are for these events. Should you go big and glitzy, or small and conservative? How does your brand message factor into your sign choices? And how in the world do those retractable banners stay up?  Here is a Quick Guide to Trade Show Displays

Well, never fear, because this blog post has you covered. We’ll go over the basics of trade show displays so that you can plan your own dazzling display. You’ll hopefully feel more prepared and confident about any upcoming trade show. So, get your foldout table and brochures ready, because here we go!

Throws and Tables Aplenty

First things first, you need a table for your trade show display. Preferably, it should be a foldout table, as those are lightweight and easy to transport. Add in a beautiful fabric throw and you should be set. Make sure your fabric throw is neither too long or too short. The fabric throw can be customized to fit your brand.

A (Retractable) Banner Display

Your trade show display would not be complete without a few carefully placed retractable banners. These are easy to assemble and also easy to store for later use. They are also very visible from a distance. Choose something colorful with a witty message on it that reflects your brand, and you will quickly bring potential customers to your booth.

Tabletop Banners—Another Option

You don’t necessarily have to go big and bold with your banners. There is always the option to have a few tabletop-sized retractable banners placed on your booth’s table. You can display different aspects of your products or services in a size that everyone can read from up close. Being specific here with your choices of text and images will help.

Get the Trade Show Display You Want

At Specialty Graphic Solutions, we take our time with every sign, so you can be certain that your custom trade show display will stand out from the competition. Give us a call today to get a free quote.

“Building” a Trade Show Exhibit Display for BnK Construction

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Are you in the process of hammering out the details for your next trade show event? Want a setup that not only measures up to the competition but leaves them in your dust? This is precisely what our friends at BnK Construction had in mind when they contacted Specialty Graphic Solutions for trade show exhibit displays Portland, OR attendees would remember.

Who Are These BnK Construction People?

 It all started with a frame...

It all started with a frame…

Headquartered in Gladstone, Oregon, BnK Construction, Inc. can be best described as seasoned professional and leaders in the construction business. The owners have more than 90 years of experience in all facets of new construction and commercial tenant improvements. Plus, they have a lot of clients in the dental industry. That is why they decided to cut their teeth at the annual Oregon Dental Association conference at the Oregon Convention Center.

We’ve worked with BnK quite a bit on a variety of different projects, including construction site signs, safety signs, and fleet graphics. So, we were more than happy to help them out with their newest project. They knew they would be working with a standard ten foot by ten foot booth and wanted trade show backdrops Portland, OR dentists could sink their teeth into.

The SGS Solution

 ...Adding the

…Adding the “pillow case” cover!

When other trade show exhibits zig, you need to zag if you want to stand out. That’s why we used a one of a kind, curved aluminum frame for BnK’s display. For an unusual, attention-grabbing shape, the frame is sloped left to right and has a slight curve. BnK has its own graphic designers, so we just provided a design template for them, and they sent us the artwork they wanted.

The metal frame was fitted with a double sided “pillowcase” fabric display. As the name would suggest, the fabric slides over the frame from the bottom like a pillowcase would, and it zips on the top and sides.

This display comes with a bunch of extras. It features a hard-sided, molded carrying case with wheels to make it portable and easily shippable. Once the fabric is on the frame, any wrinkles can be ironed out by the handheld fabric steamer. There are also two slots at the top where BnK can insert light fixtures for additional lighting if they so desire. The only thing this setup is lacking is a guy to work the booth when you need to run to the restroom!

 Pretty cool huh?

Pretty cool huh?

Finally, one of our mighty signs makers at SGS delivered the display right to BnK at the Oregon Convention Center. And though they didn’t really need help, Taylor showed them how to set it up the first time. In the end, our client let us know that we hit the nail on the head!

Do you have a trade show coming up and your tired, old graphics and displays will no longer cut it? No problem! Contact SGS today for a free consultation and quote. Based on your vision, goals, and budget, we’ll make recommendations that will really make you shine!

The Trade Show Is Over! Now What?

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If you read our post from December about getting ramped up for trade shows, you know how important these events can be. It’s not just about handing out little trinkets that will sit in people’s junk drawers. During trade shows you work to get new prospective leads, keep up to date with trends in the industry, and strengthen relationships with existing clients. But, did you know that much of the actual business doesn’t occur until after the event? Does this boggle your mind? If so, read on for trade show tips Vancouver WA businesses need.

Always Follow-up on Leads!

You’d be amazed how many companies skip this simple and lucrative step. Nearly 80 percent of leads generated at trade shows are never followed up on according to a study by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research. Each lead you let fall through the cracks is a missed sales opportunity.

Many enterprises fail to pursue leads because they are unsure of how to proceed. First of all, you should follow up with all of your leads within 48 hours of the show. This can be done by phone or email. Start with the most serious prospects first. Be the consummate professional in all of your communications.

All booth attendees, whether they are a good prospect or not, should at least get an email from you that thanks them for coming to your booth, extends any offers made at the trade show, and promotes your product or service solutions. For the hot leads, also let them know that you’ll call to arrange a meeting to discuss next steps.

Do a Trade Show Debriefing

The second most important step after a trade show is to analyze how you did. When planning future events, you can identify things that’ll help you by just asking some simple questions after each trade show. For example, we write down answers to all of the following questions after an event:

  • What did we learn from others?
  • Was this the right trade show for us?
  • Was our booth functional?
  • What worked?
  • What did we learn about our competitors?
  • Did we meet the right people?
  • How was our booth location?
  • What didn’t work?

We save our answers to these questions and reference them before the next trade show as well as before we even sign up for the same trade show the following year.

In the following months, you’ll also want to track how many sales were driven by your trade show appearance. A common rule of thumb is that you should be able to make your money back from the event plus 50 percent within three months of the show.

Do Not Let Your Signage Gather Dust!

After the trade show, many businesses will just throw their displays into storage until the next event. However, often times, the trade show displays Vancouver WA companies use work well in lobbies and reception areas all year round. This is especially true with retractable banner stands. This will also make it easier for you to find these display items when the next trade show comes up!

The mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions are your trade show experts. If you are ramping up for a big events, shoot us an email, and a member of our team will get back to you. Or, our handy button below makes it easy to get a free quote!