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What’s In Our “Wild Card” Sign Gallery?

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Have you ever visited the “Wild Card” Gallery on our site? This is where we put examples of the work we’ve done that doesn’t really fit into any other categories. You see, our mighty sign makers have this “problem” where we have trouble saying “no” to any job. Instead, when clients come to us with projects we’ve never tried before, we get excited about tackling a new challenge. Hence, we end up with unique signs for Vancouver, WA like the nine foot tall Cat in the Hat book for a parade float in our gallery. Let’s take a moment to discuss more of what we’ve done.

How Can a Sign Shop Help with a Kitchen Remodel?

Does your kitchen need a new look? You could spend tens of thousands of dollars replacing the cabinets, getting a marble countertop, and painting everything a color you’ll grow sick of in a couple months. Or, you can pick up the phone and call SGS for vinyl kitchen backsplashes featuring the custom graphics of your choice. You can create your own personal Hell’s Kitchen decor at a reasonable price. Sorry, yelling British dudes aren’t included.

Custom Printed Dry Erase Boards

The internet is great for business planning. However, it’s easy for people to miss information, and there’s only so much you can see with computer screens. This is why dry erase boards are still a popular tool for many companies. We were able to create a custom dry erase board that helped one of our clients visualize their work obstacles and plan to tackle them.

When Dry Erase Won’t Do

Many frozen yogurt shops will let you know which flavors are which with dry erase signs posted above the machines. That works fine but not great. For one of our customers, we created digitally printed personalized inserts in vibrant colors that they could just slide in above the machines. This makes each of the options more enticing. Yogurt stores aren’t the only enterprises that can benefit from these markers. Any business that needs a variety of labels can come to us for affordable solutions.

We Have Tons of Awards

We’re not talking about having won lots of awards, though we have some of those too. No, we’re talking about our ability to create unique, custom awards. All of us at one point or another have received a certificate of recognition or some other token of achievement that was clearly just printed off on someone’s home printer on low-grade paper. It doesn’t make the award seem that special, does it? Instead, at a fairly low price, we can get it done on high grade paper and frame the award for you.

Or, we can create a unique trophy for your dragon boat competition by applying vinyl to a paddle. There are virtually limitless possibilities. We’re always up for a good challenge.

If you’ve had a hard time finding someone to bring your unusual sign ideas for Vancouver, WA to reality, contact SGS, and our wild and crazy guys will get to work on it right away.

Questions? Drop us a line at hello@SGSgraphic.com or call us at (360) 635-5556 and unless we’re up to our elbows in alligators, a live person will answer. If you leave a message we will call you back pronto.