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Vehicle Graphics for a “Kick-Ash” Company

By | Vehicle Graphics, Vehicle Vinyl Lettering

Sometimes all you need to do to get noticed is to update your image. Whether it’s your wardrobe, your furniture or the fading decals on your company vehicle, making sure that you present yourself in the best light means keeping things looking fresh. When Adam Brown, owner of Top to Bottom Chimney Specialist in Vancouver Wash., needed to update the vehicle graphics on the windows of his Chevy Yukon, he called the Mighty Sign Makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions.

Adam already knew that vehicle graphics can make a major difference to your business, but it was time for an update. With a tagline as good as “We Kick Ash!” going on the windows, SGS knew we had to make Adam’s Chevy as awesome as we could.

Brand New Look

Instead of remaking the exact look of Adam’s original graphics, our expert team of graphic designers worked on new designs. After discussing things with Adam, our team printed a logo and text for the back three windows of Adam’s Yukon. Adam wanted red colored graphics and decided on a color gradient, which our digital printer renders perfectly for a richer and more noticeable result that was sure to turn heads of potential clients.

What We Did

Adam brought his Yukon over to the SGS headquarters and we had a look at what we were working with. First, we had to remove the old graphics from Adam’s windows. We needed to make sure that the new graphics looked as good as we could make them and bits of old decals would have looked pretty bad. After we removed the old graphics and the new designs were approved, cut and printed our professional team installed them at the SGS facilities.

With the name of the business, phone number and the big selling-point of senior and veteran discounts on the back of his SUV, wherever Adam goes in his Yukon, anyone and everyone will know that Top to Bottom Chimney Specialist “kick-ash”.