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Be Seen with Vehicle Lettering and Logos in Portland OR!

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Here at Specialty Graphic Solutions, whenever we see a work vehicle that doesn’t have graphics on it, we like to surmise possible reasons for that. Was the business a victim of identity theft? Do they already have too many customers, and they’re trying to keep new clients from calling them? Are they running a spy service? Wait a minute: even spy vehicles have fake company names on the outside. What could the reason be?

As you may have guessed, all of the above are unlikely scenarios. From talking to new clients, the main reason it took them so long to install vehicle lettering was that they assumed it would be too expensive. They’re almost always pleasantly surprised when we hand them an estimate. What’re you waiting for? In case you need a little more prodding, here’s a sampling of what we can do with vehicle lettering and logos for Portland, OR.

We’ll Spell It out for You with Vehicle Lettering

Sure, you want high contrast on your white work van, but plain black lettering just doesn’t cut it in Portland these days with so many advertisements vying for consumers’ attention. Instead, we recommend incorporating a variety of colors to really catch the eyes of drivers and pedestrians. Vinyl lettering is available in all fonts, colors, typefaces, and several styles, including reflective, matte, neon, metallic, and more.

Since passersby only have a couple seconds to read your message, we strongly recommend just including your company name, contact information, and maybe a list of services on the rear of your vehicle where people stuck in traffic can read it. Though it may be tempting and we can definitely do it, you might want to refrain from incorporating the entire text of Ulysses into your vehicle graphics. It’ll just confuse people.

Good Spot Graphic Logos Fetch Customers

Spot graphics are the ideal way to showcase your company logo. With our large format digital printer and fancy software, we can render any images on top-quality vinyl specifically designed for use on vehicles. Better yet, we can precisely match your company colors and graphics. This is a must if you want to build brand recognition and inspire trust in your service area. After all, people are much more likely to go with your products or services if they’ve heard of them!

In addition, spot graphics are great for displaying images of your handiwork or bestselling products. And, they work well in conjunction with vinyl lettering. The letters spell out your name, phone number, and website while the spot graphics make your logo shine.

We Have Solutions for All Budgets

Contacting SGS for a free quote is absolutely free. Free. After you pay us an initial consultation fee of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, we’ll listen to what you have in mind for your project and how much money you’re working with. We’ll then make some free recommendations and give you free estimates. If you decide you can’t afford anything, we’ll then bill you ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Essentially, when SGS says we provide you with a FREE estimate and consultation, we mean it. You have nothing to lose. Contact us today to learn more about truck lettering and logos for Portland, OR.