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Retractable Banner Stands: Not Just for Trade Shows!

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For the most part, companies only dust off their retractable banner stands when trade show season comes along. Once their convention is over, the banners are tossed back into a closet and forgotten about until Seth in marketing has another event. At Specialty Graphic Solutions, we believe in unlocking retractable banner stands from their storage prisons and letting them market all year round. After all, we’re all about responsibly-raised everything in the Pacific Northwest, why not use free-range retractable banner stands?

To help you learn more about how to best utilize retractable banner stands in Vancouver, WA, we put together this little guide. Here are some of the best uses:

Retail Marketing

We have discussed the benefits of using a variety of wall signs in retail stores to promote particular departments or seasonal lines. However, you may not have space on your walls. When you need something small and temporary or your lease doesn’t allow you to install more signs, a retractable banner stand will save the day. It’s the perfect way to promote your new gluten-free product line.

Welcome Signs

A welcome sign displayed in your reception area is the ideal way to put your banner stand to work for you. Guests will see the stands each time they enter your lobby. In addition, without spending an arm and a leg on something permanent, you add a colorful splash to your interior design. And, you can change out the banner as your décor changes or if you just get tired of the artwork. It sure beats redecorating your entire office!


Retractable banner stands don’t always have to be front row center. They also work behind your receptionist’s desk as a backdrop. This is just another trick to spiff up the décor in your lobby area.

POS Displays

No, POS doesn’t stand for “piece of #$%&.” These are “point of sale” or “point of purchase” displays that allow retail marketers to attraction attention to specific products or services. You can highlight some of the special benefits and features of your wares to people waiting in line. When consumers come to your store, they’re usually in a buying mood. Help focus their buying energies with retractable banner stands.

Informational Panels

Nobody wants to stand there and read a plain panel with a wall of text. With simple to understand banner stands with flashy graphics, you’ll catch the eyes of more people. You find retractable banner stands used as informational panels in a diverse array of venues including sports arenas, museums, airports, and office buildings.

These are just a few of the clever ways our clients take advantage of the benefits of retractable banner stands. If you have other ideas in mind, please share them with us!

Our mighty sign makers would love to help you make your ideas a reality. If you’d like more information about using banners for trade show as well as non-trade show purposes, please contact SGS today for a free consultation on retractable banner stands in Vancouver, WA.