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9 Bar Espresso Uses Door and Window Graphics to Market and Advertise!

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Exterior signage for your new venue will cost thousands of dollars, right? It’s best to just pass on the signage and hope people accidentally wander into your storefront. Or, maybe you shouldn’t open a brick and mortar store after all? WAIT! Don’t give up on your dreams just yet! Specialty Graphic Solutions has affordable solutions for you. 9 Bar Espresso recently found this out when they contacted us for window and door graphics.

9 Bar Espresso? That’s Some Pretty Good Wi-Fi!

No, the “bar” referred to in 9 Bar Espresso’s name doesn’t refer to the number of bars of a Wi-Fi signal. Instead, the name refers to the optimal pressure used to extract espresso. 9 bar is equal to a pressure of 130.5 psi. They are a coffee roaster based in Vancouver that is family owned and operated. They offer medium and dark roasts, decaffeinated espresso, single origin beans, and more. Currently, their coffee is served locally at Di Tazza and Bleu Door Bakery in Vancouver and Squeeze & Grind in Camas.

At SGS, we have a hard time passing up a good cup o’ joe. So, when a coffee roaster came to us for window and door graphics for coffee companies in Vancouver, WA, we said of course and asked for a double mocha. 9 Bar Espresso recently moved into a new store location on Northeast 121st Street. They needed a way to let the new neighborhood know who they are. We had just the solution.

What We Did for 9 Bar

After an initial rap session, where we met with 9 Bar and bounced ideas of what we could do for their new storefront off them, we recommended exterior window and door graphics featuring their company logo and website since they take a lot of online orders.

9 Bar already had branding that’s featured prominently on their website. Our mighty sign makers took this branding and incorporated it in vibrant red and white graphics on Avery 700 High-Performance Calendared Vinyl. This vinyl is known to last for a long time. We’re talking years here, not months. That’s a latte.  

We give our clients the choice of installing their graphics on the inside or the outside of the glass. For this project, we installed them on the exterior. We prefer this option because the colors and graphics tend to be more vivid without a pane of glass in the way, which may also have glare that can reduce visibility. However, sometimes our customers prefer the interior if they fear that the graphics will be scratched, rubbed up against, or even vandalized by passersby.

In the end, 9 Bar was completely satisfied with the job we did. In fact, they were so happy, they quickly posted images of the finished graphics all over their Facebook page.

This wasn’t our first rodeo. We have plenty of experience producing window and door graphics for coffee and espresso bars in Vancouver, WA. We wrapped a coffee cart for Dutch Bros. And, Black Rock Coffee Bar scored with window clings.

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