Freestanding signs, also known as post and panel or pole signs, contain a flat panel attached to a vertical upright.  A freestanding sign is an excellent and versatile way to promote your business or advertise products and services.

Business Identification

Freestanding signs outside of a business provide an additional dimension to improve visibility.  Post and Panel signs can be single or double sided and therefore can be arranged in a variety of configurations.  Most are two posts with the panel between or a single panel attached to a pole or post.  A variety of materials, including metals, are available to create a very custom sign solution.


Directional and wayfinding applications frequently use freestanding signs because of their visibility and low expense.  A small post and panel sign helps your customers get to the right destination.  Parking lots make use of freestanding signs for directions, warning and to identify allowable usage.  Another example is a directory sign outside of business or residential complexes.  You will even find freestanding signs indoors used as creative directional signs the mimic street signs.

Construction Signs

The construction industry uses freestanding signs, particularly post and panel, in a variety of ways.  Ease of installation makes them an economical and therefore cost-effective way to promote the company and its services.  Site developers use temporary post and panel signs to share their vision for the location and to entice new customers.  Directional signs at the sites make it simple for deliveries and keep workers safe.  Because of the temporary nature of construction signs, a wood panel screwed to posts works great.  The same construction but on skids makes the sign relocatable. The ability to reuse the same signs make them an attractive option for frequent moves to new jobs.

Pylon and Pole Signs

Long distance viewability is achieved with pylon signs.  This type of freestanding sign is created using a large panel sign on a sturdy pole.  This type of sign is effective on long straight streets, beside highways and buildings with hard to find locations.  Unlike post and panel signs, the expense of pylon and pole sign can be high.  Although the price is high, the ROI is good if it brings in customers.

Take me out to the Ballpark

Because price is always an object, what’s the ballpark price is a frequent question asked.  What is the price of a post and panel sign?  How much does a freestanding sign cost?  We feel confident telling you that the ballpark is between a few hundred to several thousand dollars.  Most importantly, before we talk price we ask a lot of questions.  This is an important part of our process and necessary so we provide you a solid price for the sign that best suits your needs.

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