The Mighty Sign Makers are Vancouver, Washingon’s premier provider of interior signs and graphics.  We see windows, walls, and floors as blank canvases ready to fill with creative ideas that will help you get your message out.  Does your company have a mission statement?  Mission statement displays, as well as vision statement displays, are just a few of the interior graphics options to help your business grow.

There are many different options for wall displays.  Because the focal point is eye level a wall will give you the maximum impact.  Conference rooms, break rooms, hallways and meeting rooms are all great candidates for an eye-catching display.  The Mighty Sign Makers have one job.  Turn your vision into reality.  Raised letters and anything that stands off from the wall gives a professional look which projects to your customers, visitors, and employees.  If your vibe is a little more hip and entrepreneurial how about turning your entire office into a giant idea incubator?   With materials like dry-erase laminate, we can turn virtually any surface into a “whiteboard”.

The Mighty Sign Makers make use of frosted vinyl on windows to create privacy while still letting in the light.  Frosted vinyl provides the same look as etched or sandblasted glass at a fraction of the cost.  Glass doors and windows are great places for name lettering, address lettering and placement of your company logo.  White vinyl on glass is very standard today but our printing capablities allow the use of color.  Even pictures!

Let’s not forget about the floor.  They get no respect, just walked over day after day with hardly a notice.  Floor graphics and floor stickers are becoming more mainstream.  Let’s face it, most of us walk around staring at our phones.  That makes floor graphics the perfect solution for short-term messaging and wayfinding.  Everyone wants to follow the giant footprints to see where they lead.

We find it amazing that these materials take a beating and still look good, but wait, there’s more!  Graphic materials are not permanent.  If your message changes or you are tired of the frosted glass or it’s time for the footprints to take a hike the graphics can be removed with very little if any, damage.

To paraphrase the 1963 TV show The Outer Limits “You control the vertical and you control the horizontal.”  “…expand one single image to crystal clarity”

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W shape in frosted glass on door of business
Frosted glass with image of bike race on garage door