Exterior Signs attach to the building or permanently in the ground to help the public identify your business.  Projecting your brand to the public starts before the customer walks into the building.  The Mighty Sign Makers know them all and are ready to help you Get Noticed!  Check out our building and monument sign gallery for great ideas.

Exterior signs for business attach to the outside of a building.  Monument signs is a permanent solution that identifies a property when the building is away from the street.  There are many types of exterior signs and we are here to help find the one that works best for you.  The list is long so here is a break down of the major types of outdoor signage.

Building Signs

The most basic example of an exterior sign.  Architectural Graphics and Building Signs provide a professional image and are a good way to keep your name and logo visible.  There are many different ways to put your company name and logo on a building.  An exterior building sign can be something as simple as a panel attached to the building face or complex such as illuminated signs and lettering.  We work with our customers to identify the architectural solution that helps you Get Noticed.

Dimensional Letters and Logos

A very popular exterior sign.  They are built to provide a three-dimensional look.  Many businesses use 3D letters and 3D logos on their building because they look professional and project a desirable image.  There are a vast number of choices of styles, materials, and construction.

Monument Signs

These are the exterior signs that you see on the ground in front of a building, campus or business park.  Monument signs are popular outside of residential neighborhoods and are used extensively in suburban areas with a lot of space between the road and the buildings.  Monument signs are a good, long-term investment in a property.

Blade Signs

Hanging signs are good for buildings with limited space for larger signs.  Hanging and Blade signs project from the side of a building and help traffic see your business before your customer drives by.

Importance of your Brand

A sign is not your brand, but you brand can be a sign.  The Mighty Sign Makers are experts in the art of using signs and graphics in your branding.

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