Make that first impression a great one with a unique reception, office or lobby sign that represents your business. Not only will visitors know they’re in the right place, they’ll also see a reflection of your company’s values and brand in your sign.

Like businesses, there are many types and styles of lobby and office signs for your reception area.  The most popular right now are back-lit lobby signs, brushed metal or metal finished lettering, 3-D, and anything that stands off from the wall. Any of these will create a professional look that your customers and visitors will see every time they visit.

The Mighty Sign Makers work with you from soup to nuts to make sure you don’t go nuts during the process.  Our Mighty Designers will provide a proof of the sign for your approval and our Mighty Installers will coordinate a professional installation that works for your schedule.

The Lobby Sign Process

The Mighty Sign Makers work with you from soup to nuts to make sure you don’t go nuts during the process.  Each of our clients is unique and we recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Communication is the key and we listen before we do anything else. Your project isn’t just another job, it’s our most important job!  In this phase, we can recommend options that you may not even exist.  Once we get the project outlined all it takes is a deposit and we will get busy turning your inspiration into reality.  Our graphic design staff will provide a proof of the sign for your approval.  You give us the thumbs up on the art we start production.  When production is complete we will coordinate a professional installation that works for your schedule. We build signs that build your business.

Reception Sign Materials

We don’t want to overwhelm you with all of the options available.  Some of the more popular materials right now are metals and acrylics.  We don’t work with wood much, but if you have a reclaimed wood wall we have lots of great ideas that look really great.  Material is critical because color can change depending on what it used.  Translucent materials are a great example.  We use a light box to show you how a translucent material will look when it is lit.  We have lots of material samples that will help you visualize your office sign.

Office Sign types

We understand that it can be hard to describe the type of sign you want.  For office walls, reception signs and lobby signs it can something as simple as vinyl lettering on the wall or as complex as a back-lit multiple layer laser cut metal sign.  We guide our customers through all the options because every project we do is unique, and it needs to make your company look good.  If you are not sure what to call a type of sign check out our terminology page.  Not every type of lobby or reception sign will work on all walls.  For example, if you want a back-lit sign there has to be power in the wall.  If you are on a limited budget this could be a killer if you didn’t factor in an electrician.

Ballpark Lobby Sign Cost

You have to help us out a little before we can talk price, even ballpark.  The price range for a lobby sign can be anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars or more.  The maximum amount of money you want to spend is not a target for us.  If we can do the project for less, we will.  We are a business too and we understand that no one gets a blank check.  Your success is our success.  The best way for us to succeed is to make sure you will come back and tell everyone about us!

Your company is unique, and we want you to have a custom lobby sign, reception sign or office sign.  If you are still in the idea phase check out our lobby sign gallery.  The gallery contains projects that we have done for businesses.  It’s full of inspiration.

Call us today for a free consultation and estimates.  New or moving business?  We are relocation and remodel experts.  The Mighty Sign Makers build beautiful and creative interior signs for your business.  Serving Portland, Vancouver, Ridgefield, Kelso, Longview, Battleground and surrounding areas.

dimensional letter and logo on reclaimed wood wall
Halo lit aluminum raised lettering sign for Postal connections
Brushed metal lobby sign with company name backlit with LED lights Seller Active
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