The Importance of Interior Signs

Imagine treating yourself to a massage at a new place in town.  You park out front and go in the closest door to the overhead sign.  There’s no sign on the door or inside anywhere.  No one is at the reception desk.  You have to wonder, “Am I in the right place?”  Has this ever happened to you?

Getting new customers is hard work!  So don’t let customers turn around and walk out the door in confusion.  Your outdoor sign helped you get them into your business.  Put up a lobby sign to welcome them once they’re inside.

But not just any lobby sign.  Make that first impression really count with a lobby sign that shares much more than just a “You’re Here” message.

Here are three simple tips you can use to create an amazing lobby sign for your business.


Tip #1: Complement your decor

The best designs for lobby signs follow this simple rule – blend the character of the company and the surroundings.  That’s why it’s important your signs are designed with your decor in mind.  No matter how good a deal you can get on a futuristic, clear acrylic sign with red LED lighting, it won’t really work in an elegant professional waiting area with mahogany paneling.

This reception sign by The Bold Collective brands the space and serves as a great piece of art too.


Tip #2: Show your personality 

The most amazing lobby signs have some character.  A children’s clothing maker might want to show a bold and playful look with brightly colored dimensional logos that stand off the wall to look a little like they are floating.  But a company that makes sustainable clothing and gear for serious outdoor enthusiasts might choose a lobby sign that uses colors like green and brown and natural materials such as wood and stone to convey its personality.

We found this on Pinterest and loved the mix of reclaimed wood and smooth metal that makes this sign cool.


Tip #3: Work with professionals who can bring your lobby sign design to life

The most important tip of all is to work with a team of professionals who know how to bring your design to life. The right sign company will take the time to understand you and your business and ensure all the little details are considered for your lobby sign project.  The right sign company will also have lots of different materials, fabrication methods and mounting options so your logo is displayed in just the right way.


Make a Great First Impression

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