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Vinyl Wraps for Utility Boxes in Vancouver? You Bet!

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Here at Specialty Graphic Solutions, we get a lot of calls from businesses that want signs and graphics that’ll help them stand out. But, did you know there’s a need for graphics that’ll make certain eyesores blend in? It’s true! In cities across North America, local governments are commissioning sign companies and artists to turn utility boxes into works of art. And, the mighty sign makers at SGS are itching to help out with vinyl wraps for utility boxes in Vancouver, WA. Wraps Help with Graffiti Prevention Don’t get us wrong: we love graffiti art. We’ve watched Exit through the Gift Shop a number of times and believe there are many talented graffiti artists. Unfortunately, utility boxes tend to attract those whose artistic skills could best be described as a dog peeing everywhere to mark its territory. It’s not attractive. It’s just kind of there and unpleasant. These taggers ruin things for the true artists out there. Anyway, this blog entry isn’t meant to be an artistic critique of graffiti. Instead, we want to help you reduce your graffiti clean-up duties with vinyl wraps. With vibrant, full-color wraps with rich graphics, taggers will just move along since their tag will be unreadable with such a busy background. Plus, we can add graffiti-resistant finishes that make it easy to remove any tags from particularly persistent persons. To Blend in or Not Many municipalities have chosen to wrap their utility boxes to match their surroundings. Others prefer to display art pieces or historical information relevant to the area. It all depends on what you’re hoping to achieve. For utility boxes in out-of-the-way areas that get little foot traffic, we recommend graphics that blend into the surroundings. This includes high-resolution pictures of local foliage. If you’re looking to inspire pride in your community,…

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