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Design the Perfect Lobby and Logo Sign

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You know, as a business owner, that lobby and logo signs are a crucial aspect of your company’s signage collection. They help make an impact by letting your visitors know who you are, where you’re located and what you’re all about. But perhaps you’re overwhelmed by the choices for your lobby and logo sign. What materials are best? What colors? And which size? These critical questions will be answered in this helpful blog post, so read on to learn more. Lobby and Logo Sign Materials Your interior lobby and logo sign can be made out of various materials—in fact, in this case, there are many options. Wood may be a good choice for a construction company to show off what they can do. Imagine an imposing yet professional polished wood sign advertising your construction work. Or, perhaps you’re a modern architecture company that wants clients to know that you can work with many different materials. In that case, an acrylic panel that mimics the look of glass could be best. The only limit with supplies is your imagination. Color Choices With your lobby and logo sign, it is usually best to go with your company’s brand color scheme. This will prevent any confusion from your visitors or clients. However, in some instances, you can get away with a different color scheme if you’re in the process of rebranding. But again, be careful. Consistency is key with color schemes and branding. Size Matters When it comes to lobby and logo signage, be aware of the size of your particular sign. If you’re a law firm, perhaps big and bold is the way to go. But maybe you’re a small consulting group that wishes to be subtler in your sign choice. Whatever size you choose for your lobby and logo sign, again,…

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For Professional Firms: The Appeal of Brushed Metal Lobby Signs in Vancouver WA

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“If you do the crime, you do the time.” Despite the old saying ringing true, many organizations continue to commit crimes every day. What are they guilty of? The crime of not having a lobby sign. And, the “time” that they serve is constantly struggling to increase brand recognition through less efficient means. Lori Ferguson Law Firm was tired of doing time, so they contacted Specialty Graphic Solutions for lobby signs for law firms in Vancouver, WA. What Is Lori Ferguson Law Firm? Located on H Street in Vancouver, Lori Ferguson Law Firm, P.S. consists of a team of experienced lawyers who provide legal counsel in an array of matters that can affect local families. The firm focuses on guardianships, estate planning, probate matters, and family law. They also provide help to landlords in landlord/tenant disputes and can answer questions regarding Medicaid and special needs planning. We asked if they’d also consider lawsuits against family members who take the last Christmas cookies, and they just laughed, which we took as a “yes.” When an organization that does such a good job of watching out for the interests of local families came to us for brushed metal lobby signs in Vancouver, WA, we were happy to take the case. Lori Ferguson Law Firm wanted a classy way to welcome clients in and showcase their branding. Fortunately, they called the right mighty sign makers. What We Did for Lori Ferguson Our first step in the sign creation process was to collect evidence of what the client wanted for their sign. We’ve found the best way to do this is to meet with them and ask. So, for our first witness, we called Lori Ferguson Law Firm to the stand. In their testimony, they revealed that they wanted a lobby sign that was…

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3D Letter Logo Lobby Signs in Vancouver Great for Dental Firms!

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When clients enter your office suite, how do they know who you are? You could hire a guy to dress as your company’s mascot and greet everyone who enters. Or, you could get a bunch of balloons with your organization’s name on them and drop’em from the ceiling every time someone opens the door. Of course, the UPS guy will get real tired of that real quick, and your receptionist probably doesn’t want to pick up the balloons over and over again. The easiest way to welcome client in is to just install 3D letter signs in your lobby. That’s precisely what Dental Service LLC wanted when they contacted Specialty Graphic Solutions for lobby signs for dental firms in Vancouver, WA. Brace Yourself for Dental Service Situated on Northeast 20th Avenue in the Salmon Creek neighborhood of Vancouver, Dental Service LLC provides administrative and back of the house support for several dental practices throughout the Pacific Northwest. They offer a broad range of services, including payroll and billing, handling of insurance claims, maintaining facilities, creating training programs for staff, and much more. When an organization that does so much to help other local businesses came to us for 3D letter logo lobby signs in Vancouver, WA, we couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into the project. They wanted a classy way to show off their company name and logo to everyone who entered their offices. Fortunately, they contacted the right mighty sign makers! We Gave Dental Service the SGS Treatment! When Dental Service contacted us, we went through our usual drill. We discussed what they had in mind for their project and performed a site survey. They’d recently expanded and remodeled their office space and wanted a beautiful new dimensional letter sign for behind their reception desk. Based on their…

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We Work with Graphic Designers to Create Stunning Lobby Signs!

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Some sign shops just plain refuse to listen to your ideas. Or, they have an in-house graphic designer that they insist you must use, even if you have your own talented guy or gal on staff. Specialty Graphic Solutions is more flexible than that. We regularly work with the region’s top graphic artists. This was true when we recently helped out Western Energy Institute by fabricating lobby signs in Portland, Oregon. What’s Western Energy Institute? Located on Southwest 5th Avenue in Portland, the Western Energy Institute facilitates direct connections between natural gas and electric industry professionals. They orchestrate and lay the groundwork for discussions to foster dialogues and collaboration between professionals. Members receive access to collaboration, networking, training, and educational opportunities. Basically, they’re like OkCupid for energy industry professionals, only without the making out (we assume): they build business relationships. A Little about Ryan Mowery Now that you know about Western Energy Institute, we gotta tell you that we weren’t really working directly for them on this awesome sign. Instead, this project came to us from Ryan Mowery. Ryan, or “RyMow” as the cool kids call him, is a diverse graphic designer in Portland with experience in information architecture, brand identity, web, art direction, content strategy, mobile, and overall UX (that’s “user experience”) design. Over the last few years, SGS has worked with Ryan on a couple of projects. For this latest project, he wanted us to bring his idea to life. Even though we can create some pretty groovy graphic designs in-house, we also love to work with various graphic designers to create stunning lobby signs. The sign for Western Energy Institute was one of those collaborative projects. What We Did for RyMow and Western Energy Ryan knew exactly what he wanted and was able to provide us with…

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Affordable Acrylic Signs in Vancouver WA Brand Your Office!

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If you’ve spent any amount of time in a nail salon, which some of us at Specialty Graphic Solutions may be guilty of, then you’ve likely heard of acrylic nails. Acrylics are used in a variety of industries because they are durable, versatile, and cost-effective. But, how can this material that’s also used for rear car light covers help your business? Well, you don’t need to be a nail salon owner to know that you can help consumers find your office and boost your brand awareness with acrylic signs in Vancouver, WA. Help Your Suite Look Sweet with Clear Acrylic Panels As the name might imply, clear acrylic panel signs are made with a transparent acrylic panel featuring graphics and text. For NorthWest Lifestyle Health, this meant printing out their logo on top-quality cast vinyl and applying it to the panel. This is all work we do in-house, and it’s one of our most affordable solutions because the materials are inexpensive and the process isn’t very labor intensive. Spell It out with Acrylic Lettering When most of us hear the word “letter,” we think of the standard A through Z with the letter elemenopee somewhere in there. In the signage industry, we like to bend the rules a little bit and include numbers, symbols, logos, and other characters in our loose definition of “letter.” Consequently, we produce slick acrylic dimensional letter signs – like this one for Fiducial – that include a logo. Notice the glossy appearance. This is the standard with acrylic letters. However, if you’d like less of a glare, we can give the letters a matte finish. Quarter-inch-thick letters are also the standard, but acrylic letters can be up to half an inch thick. If you like your letters thicker than a shake with too little milk…

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Reception Area Sign for Biggs Insurance in Vancouver!

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Is there any industry more competitive than the insurance industry? You can just smell the desperation dripping from that long-lost-and-forgotten high school acquaintance as they run into you at the Wine and Jazz Festival or other events and promptly start asking about whether you have life insurance. Smart insurance agencies don’t need to rely on awkward “natural marketing.” They realize that branding is the key to sales success. If your insurance company’s name is ingrained in people’s heads, then you’re the one they’ll contact when they need homeowner’s insurance. Biggs’ Insurance Services is well aware of this, so they contacted the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions for reception area signs for insurance agencies in Vancouver, WA. What’s the Biggs Deal? No, Biggs Insurance Services isn’t the insurance company started by American Pie star Jason Biggs after they stopped making straight-to-DVD sequels. They go back much further than that. In 1935, two brothers founded The Whitfield Company real estate and insurance agency. Don Biggs purchased the company in the ‘50s and gave it his name. Now, from the corporate office on Main Street in Vancouver, they offer auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, surety bonds, risk management services, life insurance, and much more. When a business that does such a good job of keeping local individuals and businesses from facing financial disaster came to us for lobby signs for insurance agencies in Vancouver, WA, we were glad to be of assistance. They have a nice dimensional letter sign on the exterior of their building, but they wanted a way to welcome clients into their reception area. We knew just what to do. We Had Biggs Ideas We met with Biggs to discuss their ideas for the project, and so we could take a closer look at their venue. They had a…

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