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Corporate values wall display with qoutes for Permacold portland or

Corporate Values and Company Mission Statements

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A corporate values display for a wall showcases what your company believes.  Every company has unique values.  A core values display can take many forms and should be unique to each company. Once your company establishes its mission statement, values or just some words that stand for your company beliefs, the Mighty Sign Makers will display it in all of its glory!

Display your values proudly

A wall display is ideal because it keeps those words front and center.  A core values display doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  The Mighty Sign Makers have done some really awesome wall graphics using cut vinyl.  One of our most popular projects is the Permafrost Corporate Values display.  We used multiple frosted vinyl panels that float off the wall each with a value done in white lettering.  Bright, brushed aluminum, 3-d lettering really brings the display together nicely.

The Value of Values

When selecting values that represent your organization, it is easy to fall into the standard values trap.  For example, look at these values:  Communication. Respect. Integrity. Excellence.   Pretty good ones, right?  These are from Enron.  Remember them?  It doesn’t do much good to have words like these if they don’t represent the way your company operates.  In their defense, Greed, Lies, and Deceit don’t really look good as a corporate values display in the lobby.  At Specialty Graphic Solutions we take our company values very seriously.  We call it our Manifesto.

Mighty Sign Maker Manifesto

We know these things to be true:
  • Creative Thinking Builds A Better Mouse Trap
    • Step outside the box to open up new possibilities for design,
      materials, processes and problem-solving.
  • Two Heads Are Better Than One
    • Communicate, collaborate and be a great team player with other
      employees, customers, suppliers and our community.
  • Little Things Make A Big Difference
    • Sweat all the individual little details that make each project unique
      and successful.
  • Responsibility Is Nothing To Fear
    • Take the reins & make things happen. Own your choices, your
      mistakes, AND your successes!
  • Sustainability Is More Than Just-Recycling
    • Use all our resources wisely – materials, people & time – to create a
      healthy future for our company and our community.
  • Great Service Is Personal
    • Know our customers and their individual needs. That’s how we can
      focus our efforts to solve THEIR specific problems.

The difference between a company like Enron and Specialty Graphic Solutions, other than the obvious: we are still in business, is really believing in our corporate values.  It is critical that everyone in your company from the senior executives down to the most important people punching the time clock all believe and live those values.  A corporate values display is a great way to show your people and the world what your organization lives and breathes.

At Specialty Graphic Solutions the Mighty Sign Makers we work by our manifesto.  We know that any of our customers can look at those words and know we walk the walk.

Get an Estimate

Questions? Drop us a line at hello@SGSgraphic.com or call us at (360) 635-5556 and unless we’re up to our elbows in alligators, a live person will answer. If you leave a message we will call you back pronto.

Corporate values wall display with qoutes for Permacold portland or
Corporate Values Display on wall
Mighty Sign Maker lobby dimensional letters on wall

Rebranding, All Over the USA

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When Astadia needed to rebrand five locations with new lobby signs they called The Mighty Sign Makers for rebranding help.  With just a single point of contact, our client was able to complete sign projects in Dallas, TX; Houston, TX; Jacksonville, FL; Raleigh, NC; and Nashua, NH. This meant that our client’s marketing team could stay focused on the needs of their customers instead of all the details involved in coordinating a lobby sign project in each location separately.  Specialty Graphic Solutions fabricated, shipped and installed five great lobby signs. This ensured a consistent and high-quality brand image is conveyed in all of their US offices.  Ordering and installing new signage, as part of a company rebranding, is often one of the last priorities.  Corporations with multiple locations nationally or internationally either have an in-house design department or they use a separate design company.  What they don’t have is production and installation capabilities.  That is where we come in.

The lobby signs they designed all feature a brushed metal panel with raised letters and the logo that welcome clients and employees alike to the Astadia offices. The new logo represents the direction of the company and the future it envisions for clients. Astadia’s CEO, Rebecca Rogers Tijerino, explained the colorful design as such: “The triangle symbolizes creativity; the delicate combination of colors is the powerful combination of ideas and skills; the peak points to the cloud, where technology and our aspirations lie; and its shape resembles an ‘A’ for Astadia.”

At Specialty Graphic Solution, we make it easy to create signs for multiple locations. We take care of all the details for you – including arrangements for local installers to ensure your new signs are displayed professionally in each unique location.  It was exciting to work with Astadia as their company starts this new chapter. The company specializes in streamlining and improving data resources for businesses so they can function better and grow.

We will help you Get Noticed when rebranding, lobby signs, reception signs, corporate values and core belief displays and other indoor signage.  The Mighty Sign makers also produce excellent building signs, vehicle graphics, fleet graphics, trade show displays, window graphics, event signage, wall murals and more.

Reception sign sliver brushed metal with raised logo and wall stand offs
silver sign with Astadia lobby signs for rebranding
Lobby sign with company logo flanking computer monitor on wall

Conference and Training Room Signs

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Expressing your values is important, just like safety.  These vinyl wall graphics are displayed in Frontier Landscape and Tree Service’s conference and training room.  The design is simple but the message is very clear.  Think safe and be safe.

Here’s a little information about wall graphics:

Lettering and logo on a conference room wall

Wall Graphics Description:  These vinyl wall graphics are made with an air release vinyl that adheres nicely to walls.   This type of vinyl is very forgiving during installation.  And easy to replace when your message changes.  After the graphics are printed on our state of the art Roland full-color digital printer they must out-gas for about 24 hours before we apply the protective clear laminate.  This prevents bubbling and keeps the graphic looking good for a long time.  Speaking of gasses…

Read More

Interior Signs in Vancouver WA: What’s Available?

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We’re all familiar with the platitude “It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside. It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” Sure, this advice can do a lot of good for kids with self-esteem issues. However, we all know it isn’t always true. This slogan has the same level of veracity in the signage industry.

Interior Signs for One and All!

Exterior signs get all of the attention as you travel around town, and sometimes, that’s all you need. Yet, it’s what’s on the inside that counts when you’re trying to make sales, get visitors to appointments on time, boost your branding, and just plain come off as being the cool dude on campus. Here are some stellar interior signs in Vancouver, WA to help you pull off all of these goals.

Trade Show Displays – If you’ve ever exhibited at a trade show, you know how much work goes into staffing and planning your booth. You also need to be sure that you have displays that knock event-goers’ socks off, fold them up, and put them back nice and neat in their sock drawer.

Retail and Point of Sale SignsYour store needs dynamic displays that captivate and engage consumers if you want any chance of making it in the dog-eat-dog world of retail sales. We have your back with posters, promo signs at your checkout counter, in-store demo signs, and more.

Labels and Decals – We’ve labeled a lot of interesting things, including logos on hockey helmets, merchandise at grocery stores, and more. We’ll help you choose the right material and cut it precisely and perfectly for your project.

Dimensional letters and Logos – Sign foam, aluminum, acrylic, and PVC are just a few of the materials we use to make your branding jump out at people.

Wall and Floor Graphics – Whether your visitors like to look at the ground or the walls, you can get your marketing message in front of their eyes with floor and wall graphics.

Retractable and Pull-Up Banners – “Float like a butterfly and market like a bee.” That’s how the saying goes, right? Regardless, retractable and pull-up banners are easy to transport and make a big visual impact.

Lobby and Reception Area Signs – Show clients they’ve found the right place and welcome them in with a lobby sign featuring your unique colors, logo, and fonts.

Directories and Wayfinding Signs – There are buildings in Vancouver where people have been wandering around for decades trying to find the room they want. Don’t lose customers this way! Show them where to go with wayfinding signs.

Digital PrintWe have a pretty awesome large-format digital printer. It allows us to print on just about any material with precise, full-color detail. We print on vinyl, canvas, fabric, paper, and dozens of other substrates.

This is just a mere taste of what we’re capable of. If you want a clearer picture of what we can do for your organization, give us a call! The mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphics Solutions will gladly give you a free consultation on interior signs in Vancouver, WA. Call now: operators are standing by!

Don’t Want a Traditional Lobby Sign in Portland?

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As we’re bombarded with messages on walls, cars, buildings, windows, and even floors, it’s grown increasingly difficult to catch our attention visually. That means your traditional lobby sign won’t cut it anymore. In fact, thinking outside of the box isn’t even good enough. You need to travel to a different planet from that box. And, as the best place to buy lobby signs in Portland, Oregon, Specialty Graphic Solutions can take you there. Here are some ahead-of-their-time options that are noticeable and memorable.

Backlit Lobby Signs Will Eclipse the Competition

Imagine the whole city is staring up at the sun waiting for a solar eclipse. Then, instead of the moon passing in front of the sun, it’s a lobby sign with your logo on it. This is essentially what it looks like when you choose backlit lobby signs, except you won’t horribly blind everyone who enters your business. We use bright LED lights that are still significantly less powerful than the sun yet efficient and environmentally-friendly. These markers create a sophisticated halo effect on any wall they’re mounted to.

You Don’t Need Special Glasses for This 3D Look

Okay, so dimensional letters with logos aren’t that uncommon, and many traditional signs consist of dimensional letters. However, there are exciting new things that we can do to make your dimensional lobby sign really pop. It all comes down to materials. Here are some material options that’ll give you an unconventional appearance:

  • Sign Foam – Sign foam is a favorite for dimensional letters because it can achieve a thickness of up to four inches. Plus, we can paint it any color you want, add digitally-printed graphics, or cover the letters and logo with a laminate.
  • Metal Laminate – Speaking of laminates, metal laminate is the bomb. We use a thin layer of real metal allow and apply it to PVC, acrylic, sign foam, or other substrates for a professional look that projects longevity in an industry. We recommend a brushed aluminum finish.
  • Acrylic Laminate – This works much the same way as metal only for different purposes. Acrylic projects a high-tech, avant-garde, trendy vibe with its glossy look.

Cover Your Giant Wall with Vinyl or Use Digital Prints

If visitors to your business are greeted by a huge, blank wall, you probably don’t want to install a puny lobby sign. Yet, if you wanted to install a sign worthy of the stature of your wall, the above materials might be cost prohibitive. Vinyl is the answer. We’re able to cover your entire wall with a massive mural featuring your logo as the focal point. This is sure to have a lasting impression on everyone who enters your building. Digital prints are also a great way to make your lobby a welcoming place.

This is just a taste of what we can do with lobby signs in Portland, Oregon. Do you have some out-of-this-world ideas that you aren’t sure are possible? Go ahead and try us! When you contact us for a free consultation, we’ll let you know if we can make your dream a reality. Most of the time we can. Call today for a free quote!

What’s In Our “Wild Card” Sign Gallery?

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Have you ever visited the “Wild Card” Gallery on our site? This is where we put examples of the work we’ve done that doesn’t really fit into any other categories. You see, our mighty sign makers have this “problem” where we have trouble saying “no” to any job. Instead, when clients come to us with projects we’ve never tried before, we get excited about tackling a new challenge. Hence, we end up with unique signs for Vancouver, WA like the nine foot tall Cat in the Hat book for a parade float in our gallery. Let’s take a moment to discuss more of what we’ve done.

How Can a Sign Shop Help with a Kitchen Remodel?

Does your kitchen need a new look? You could spend tens of thousands of dollars replacing the cabinets, getting a marble countertop, and painting everything a color you’ll grow sick of in a couple months. Or, you can pick up the phone and call SGS for vinyl kitchen backsplashes featuring the custom graphics of your choice. You can create your own personal Hell’s Kitchen decor at a reasonable price. Sorry, yelling British dudes aren’t included.

Custom Printed Dry Erase Boards

The internet is great for business planning. However, it’s easy for people to miss information, and there’s only so much you can see with computer screens. This is why dry erase boards are still a popular tool for many companies. We were able to create a custom dry erase board that helped one of our clients visualize their work obstacles and plan to tackle them.

When Dry Erase Won’t Do

Many frozen yogurt shops will let you know which flavors are which with dry erase signs posted above the machines. That works fine but not great. For one of our customers, we created digitally printed personalized inserts in vibrant colors that they could just slide in above the machines. This makes each of the options more enticing. Yogurt stores aren’t the only enterprises that can benefit from these markers. Any business that needs a variety of labels can come to us for affordable solutions.

We Have Tons of Awards

We’re not talking about having won lots of awards, though we have some of those too. No, we’re talking about our ability to create unique, custom awards. All of us at one point or another have received a certificate of recognition or some other token of achievement that was clearly just printed off on someone’s home printer on low-grade paper. It doesn’t make the award seem that special, does it? Instead, at a fairly low price, we can get it done on high grade paper and frame the award for you.

Or, we can create a unique trophy for your dragon boat competition by applying vinyl to a paddle. There are virtually limitless possibilities. We’re always up for a good challenge.

If you’ve had a hard time finding someone to bring your unusual sign ideas for Vancouver, WA to reality, contact SGS, and our wild and crazy guys will get to work on it right away.

Retail Store Signs That Sell! We Promise!

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So, you’ve spent the money on entertaining advertisements that have people talking about your shop. You have outstanding exterior signs that get the attention of passersby and direct consumers to your store. Now, that you’ve gone to all the effort of getting potential customers through your door, how are you going to convince them to take out their wallets and “make it rain”?  One way to loosen those purse strings is with interior retail store signs for Vancouver, WA. Today, we’ll look at some of the best options for your business.

Point of Purchase Graphics

Let’s face it: there are some purchases that we make that we probably wouldn’t have made if we’d had a little bit longer to think about what we were doing. If you sell items like this, the best place to promote them is right next to your register with point of purchase signs for Vancouver, WA right. POP signs are also perfect for advertising deals that are only available at checkout, such as store credit cards.

Menu Boards

Just about every restaurant has menu boards. Along with featuring the branding of the eatery, they’re designed to include vibrant images of top selling specialty dishes while matching the interior décor. For easy readability, menu items are often grouped by dish types. For example, beverage options are often listed separately from food selections. After all, you don’t want customers thinking that you serve a Pepsi sandwich (patent pending)!


Through the magic of posters inside your store, you can transform consumers into customers alchemy-like. And, when you combine your efforts with images evocative of a special promotion or seasonal sale, you really put shoppers in the buying mood. Display these signs at your registers and near the shelves where you stock targeted products.

Wall Graphics

Vinyl graphics are taking the world of retail by storm. This is because of their many versatile uses. If you want to change the interior design of your shop, digitally printed wallpaper is more affordable, faster, and nowhere near as stinky as painting. Wall murals can depict people enjoying your products. Or, you can even use wall graphics to point the way to sales items or other best sellers.

Banner Stands and Cardboard Cutouts

Both cardboard cutouts and banner stands can be moved around your interior or even displayed outside when the weather is nice. These work best for big promotions. Is your annual “Buy Two Get One for 50 Percent off when It’s Cloudy” promotion coming up? First of all, you should probably simplify your offer a little bit, and you can let consumers know about your deal with banners or cutouts that block their path!

Ready to Get Started?

Contact the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions today to discuss the markers you’ll need for your upcoming promotions. We’ll sit with you and listen to your vision and budget. Based on your goals, we craft recommendations that are sure to impress. We create signs from scratch, or we can work with the artwork you already have. We’re just flexible like that!

Pick up the phone or do some clicking to get your retail signs started today!

Have Great Fun with Vinyl Wall Graphics!

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Not to humblebrag, but our phone is always ringing. It gets kind of crazy around here sometimes. It’s becoming increasingly clear that someone has let local business owners in on the secret of using vinyl wall graphics to jazz up their interiors. Consequently, they come to the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions for vinyl wall graphics for Vancouver, WA.

Transform Your Atmosphere

One day, you may be operating a hole-in-the-wall bar that tends to scare people away rather than attract new clientele. The next day, you can have a hip new cocktail lounge that’s the talk of the town. “But, how’s that even possible?” You may ask. You can achieve this dramatic change with visually appealing wall murals…and maybe hiring a less threatening bartender.  We can incorporate design elements that really pop and put patrons in the mood to have a good time.

An example of the full wall transformation we can achieve is this “Made in Oregon” photographic adhesive wall mural. We can render any high resolution or vector image of just about anything into a mural. This is becoming the prime solution for more restaurants that want to enhance their dining experience.

Build Your Brand

Too often, enterprises are under the mistaken belief that increasing their brand awareness stops once customers enter their storefront. This simply isn’t true. Building your brand comes with repetition. The more consumers see your logo, font, and colors, they more they recognize it as something they trust. And, you tend to go with brands you trust when you’re ready to purchase a product.

For this reason, companies often want us to render their logo with large vibrant graphics inside of their retail store or office. For example, BOLD Training had us work with the color of their walls, an uplifting orange, to reproduce their logo. Now, their clients can take the bull by the horns as they fight for those last couple reps.

Seasonal Displays

Vinyl static cling is most popular for use on windows. However, it also works well on hard, non-porous surfaces, such as some walls. Since they’re removable and reusable (as the little green robot guy is thinking), vinyl wall cling is ideal for promotions that only happen at certain times of the year.

If you own a retail store, you want to put people in the buying moods around the holiday season or for back-to-school sales or maybe even for Arbor Day for some reason. Whatever time of the year you want to celebrate, we can create easily installable vinyl cling that will set the tone for the shopping experience. These graphics are then storable until the following year.

These are just some of the ways you can have fun with vinyl wall graphics for Vancouver, WA. If you know you want to update the look of your venue but are unsure of how to go about it, don’t worry! Our graphic designers are full of ideas. Give us a call for a free consultation, and if our experts can’t come up with something you like, you’re under no obligation to buy anything! What’s there to lose?

Need a Lobby Sign Refresh? Greycourt & Co. Did

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Moving your offices to a new location can get expensive. One way you can help cut some of the costs is by bringing as much of your old equipment with you as possible. This includes packing your original signage up and bringing it along. Unfortunately, what works with one location may not work with another. This is what happened to Greycourt. Thankfully, they called in the professionals at Specialty Graphic Solutions to save the day.

About Greycourt

Greycourt & Co., Inc. has been giving comprehensive advice to sophisticated investors for more than a quarter century. Before starting Greycourt, founder Gregory Curtis was president of a family office for a branch of the Mellon family. Greycourt has grown into an investment firm that manages about $9 billion in client assets. They operate four offices across the United States, including their recently relocated office on Southwest Washington Street in downtown Portland.

Greycourt came to us because they had a beautiful lobby sign that simply didn’t fit the décor of their new office space. The marker they brought with them was about seven-and-a-half feet long and featured raised letters on a metallic gold “shadow” and mounted on a glass panel. However, the new office had a sleek, contemporary brushed silver look. This wouldn’t do!

How We Fixed This Problem

When Greycourt called SGS to see what we could do, we had to head down to their offices to get a firsthand look before making recommendations. At SGS, we like to recycle or reuse materials whenever possible to save our clients’ money and to save everyone’s environment. Fortunately, our mighty sign makers determined that the reception area sign didn’t need to be replaced. We just needed to switch out a couple design elements.

Our first step was to abscond with the lobby sign (with Greycourt’s approval of course). We realize how important having a lobby marker is to a company, so we worked quickly and with minimal disruption to their business.

Once we were in the shop, we removed the letters and the layer of metallic gold from the glass panel. We then used brushed silver vinyl that matches the new reception desk. And, we were particularly proud that we were able to salvage the raised letters and reapply them to the silver vinyl. Our professionals are just that good.

Finally, we replaced the wood and gold mounting hardware with standoffs featuring a matte silver finish. We could go on about how awesome of a job we did, but instead, here’s what the client has to say: “It looks fabulous!”

You Really Oughta Have Lobby Signs

Clients learn a lot about your business just by looking at your reception area signs. Portland, OR companies can show off their culture and values with the appropriate signage. It works much like how people dress. For example, Portland is quirky and all, but you’d probably be more than a little bit uncomfortable having a guy in a chef’s hat work on your car. Likewise, your interior design firm may not get much business if your reception area sign clashes with the rest of your décor. You want to present a consistent front to build your brand.

Are you ready to brand and welcome visitors to your building with lobby signs? Portland, OR can turn to the mighty sign makers at SGS for all of their signage needs.