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Dimensional Letter Signs

Corporate values wall display with qoutes for Permacold portland or

Corporate Values and Company Mission Statements

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A corporate values display for a wall showcases what your company believes.  Every company has unique values.  A core values display can take many forms and should be unique to each company. Once your company establishes its mission statement, values or just some words that stand for your company beliefs, the Mighty Sign Makers will display it in all of its glory!

Display your values proudly

A wall display is ideal because it keeps those words front and center.  A core values display doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.  The Mighty Sign Makers have done some really awesome wall graphics using cut vinyl.  One of our most popular projects is the Permafrost Corporate Values display.  We used multiple frosted vinyl panels that float off the wall each with a value done in white lettering.  Bright, brushed aluminum, 3-d lettering really brings the display together nicely.

The Value of Values

When selecting values that represent your organization, it is easy to fall into the standard values trap.  For example, look at these values:  Communication. Respect. Integrity. Excellence.   Pretty good ones, right?  These are from Enron.  Remember them?  It doesn’t do much good to have words like these if they don’t represent the way your company operates.  In their defense, Greed, Lies, and Deceit don’t really look good as a corporate values display in the lobby.  At Specialty Graphic Solutions we take our company values very seriously.  We call it our Manifesto.

Mighty Sign Maker Manifesto

We know these things to be true:
  • Creative Thinking Builds A Better Mouse Trap
    • Step outside the box to open up new possibilities for design,
      materials, processes and problem-solving.
  • Two Heads Are Better Than One
    • Communicate, collaborate and be a great team player with other
      employees, customers, suppliers and our community.
  • Little Things Make A Big Difference
    • Sweat all the individual little details that make each project unique
      and successful.
  • Responsibility Is Nothing To Fear
    • Take the reins & make things happen. Own your choices, your
      mistakes, AND your successes!
  • Sustainability Is More Than Just-Recycling
    • Use all our resources wisely – materials, people & time – to create a
      healthy future for our company and our community.
  • Great Service Is Personal
    • Know our customers and their individual needs. That’s how we can
      focus our efforts to solve THEIR specific problems.

The difference between a company like Enron and Specialty Graphic Solutions, other than the obvious: we are still in business, is really believing in our corporate values.  It is critical that everyone in your company from the senior executives down to the most important people punching the time clock all believe and live those values.  A corporate values display is a great way to show your people and the world what your organization lives and breathes.

At Specialty Graphic Solutions the Mighty Sign Makers we work by our manifesto.  We know that any of our customers can look at those words and know we walk the walk.

Get an Estimate

Questions? Drop us a line at hello@SGSgraphic.com or call us at (360) 635-5556 and unless we’re up to our elbows in alligators, a live person will answer. If you leave a message we will call you back pronto.

Corporate values wall display with qoutes for Permacold portland or
Corporate Values Display on wall

Flying High with Interior Dimensional Lettering in Portland Oregon!

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Our mighty sign makers have been in training for years in a variety of conditions. Most of their work is serving the local business community, but they’re always keeping up with the latest technology and trends so that they’ll be prepared for anything. Little did they know that one day they’d be called on to serve their country. That’s precisely what happened when the 304th Rescue Squadron contacted Specialty Graphic Solution for interior dimensional lettering in Portland, Oregon.

Who Are These Fly Guys and Gals?

Situated at the Portland Air National Guard Base, the 304th Rescue Squadron picks up where the previous 303 rescue squadrons left off. Commanded by Lt. Col. Thomas J. Stephens, they’re an Air Force Reserve Command combat-search-and-rescue unit that trains personnel with equipment to achieve and maintain the capability to perform combat rescue missions both day and night. Their missions include searching for, locating, and recovering US Air Force and other Department of Defense personnel involved in defense activities.

When a group that does such an important job serving our country came to us for dimensional lettering for training rooms in Portland, Oregon, we were happy to come to the rescue. The 304th Rescue Squadron wanted to display their mission in their briefing/training room. Fortunately, our mighty sign makers were up for the mission.

What We Did for the 304th

Before we start any project, we like to meet with the client to see what they have in mind. Based on the 304th Rescue Squadron’s goals, we suggested dimensional letter. They liked the idea, so we created some art proofs of what the finished marker would look like. The hard part was locating the CO (military speak for commanding officer or base commander).  You see, nothing gets done without the CO giving approval. And, we had to make sure it was right the first time. We eventually got his rubber stamp.

The marker is made up of a combination of upper and lower case letters. The upper case letters were four inches in height. Each letter is 3/8” thick flat cut brushed aluminum with a clear anodized finish. For these letters, vertical grain is standard, but we can also provide horizontal grain for no extra charge.

Once we had our Ts crossed and Is dotted, it was time for the installation. So, we headed to the base where we were always under the watchful eye of base security. Our installers had to be escorted from the main gate and back. We kept our eyes peeled for F-16s and Black Hawks, but we didn’t get to see any.

Each letter was mounted with 3/16” studs and ½” spacers to create a floating effect on the interior sheetrock wall. The CO was unable to be present for the installation, so we positioned the letters by sending cell phone pictures to him. Luckily, we passed the CO’s final inspection with flying colors. Now, everyone who enters the room will be inspired to give their all.

Whether your organization saves warriors in combat or makes cute hair ties, we’ll help you look your best. For a free consultation, contact the mighty sign makers at SGS today!

Types of Materials for 3D Letters in Vancouver WA

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Have you ever seen an Italian restaurant with an exterior sign made out of spaghetti? What about a jeweler that uses diamonds to create their primary identification marker? These are both excellent ideas for branding these types of enterprises, but why haven’t we seen it done? Most likely, these businesses failed to dream the impossible.

At Specialty Graphic Solutions, we pride ourselves on making the impossible a reality. With a few simple tricks, we’d easily create the above signs. How? Well, you’ll just have to read today’s blog about the different types of materials for 3D letters in Vancouver, WA.

Aluminum Letter Signs

Aluminum isn’t just for holding your Crystal Pepsi. 3D letters can be made completely of aluminum, or they can have an aluminum laminate. We generally only offer solid aluminum letters of up to half an inch thick, but when you use a laminate, the sky’s the limit (as long as the sky is about four inches thick.) Laminates can be applied to substrates like acrylic, high-density urethane (HDU), and acrylic. We then paint the edges of the substrate to simulate the solid metal appearance.

Once we’ve cut the letters to match the fonts you use in your other marketing materials, we coat, polish, or brush them with a polyurethane enamel of your choice. We can make them shine like diamonds. We then install the letters with spacers for a dimensional look.

Acrylic Letter Signs

Flat cut acrylic letters are ideal if you want to give your exterior signage a professional appearance. Like the thinner aluminum letters, acrylic letters are standoff mounted to create dimensionality. Acrylic is also a great laminate on PVC and HDU. OMG! PVC is also used for 3D letters. All of these options are available in custom colors. You can make your letters match what you happen to be wearing today! We only recommend you do this if you wear the same thing every day.

Wooden Letter Signs

Does your organization specialized in organic, free-range, grain-fed, fair trade, gluten-free, GMO-free, 100 percent natural products? If so, wood letters are the best way to complement your branding. Walnut, pine, maple, alder, cherry, and mahogany woods are commonly used. If you’re in need of a temporary exterior signage option, medium-density fiberboard may be preferable. If you’re looking to save the rain forests, we recommend using materials that can mimic wood, such as:

HDU Letter Signs

Also referred to as sign foam, HDU letters are a more durable and environmentally-friendly alternative to wood. They won’t crack in harsh weather and are resistant to moisture and rotting. Plus, we can apply digitally-printed vinyl faces to the letters. For instance, you might consider adding high-resolution images of spaghetti to your dimensional HDU letters. Just a thought.

We’ve done it again: we’ve given you too many options to pick from. I guess, the only solution is for you to contact the Mighty Sign Makers at SGS and let us listen to your goals for your project, so we can come up with ideas specific to your needs. To get started, call us today for a free consultation on types of materials for 3D letters in Vancouver, WA.

Dimensional Lettering for Banks and Credit Unions in Portland

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What do you think about when you hear the term “one-dimensional”? If you’re into geometry, you might envision a line. No one likes lines. Besides, lines make for terrible signs. This is why we offer three-dimensional signs instead of just one-dimensional signs. Portland Local 8 Federal Credit Union wanted all three dimensions for their dimensional lettering for banks in Portland, Oregon, so they contacted the pros at Specialty Graphic Solutions.

What’s So Great about Portland Local 8?

Located on Northwest Front Avenue in Portland, Portland Local 8 Federal Credit Union (FCU) was founded in 1954 by Homer D. MacDonald and six other members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union. Their mission is to offer a welcoming environment while striving to become the primary financial institution for their members. They provide competitive loan rates and dividends on deposits. And, they’re always expanding their services as well as supplying education on financial issues.

 Installing the dimensional letters!

Installing the dimensional letters!

When an organization that does so much to help union members achieve financial security came to us for dimensional lettering for credit unions in Portland, Oregon, they knew they could bank on our support. Portland Local 8 FCU has a small branch, and they wanted to put lettering on a gorgeous wood wall behind their teller stations. Our mighty sign makers knew just what to do.

We Were Right on the Money

First thing’s first, we needed to meet with the client to discuss what they had in mind for their project. This included performing a site survey where our mighty sign maker Taylor closely examined the curvature of the wood wall where the letters were to be installed and took some measurements. We needed to be sure the letters of their dimensional letter sign were sized appropriately to fit the curve.

A popular lettering option for financial institutions and really any organization that wants to project professionalism and longevity is metal letters. And, though Portland Local 8 FCU is essentially made of money, they didn’t want to shell out an arm and a leg for their new markers. Fortunately, we had a smart solution.

We started with 3/8” thick black acrylic letters and added a metal laminate face. SGS offers a wide range of metal laminate finishes. For this project, the client preferred brushed silver. Once the letters were ready, it was time to mount the letters. Typically, we’d drill holes into the wall and mount the letters on studs. But, Portland Local 8 FCU didn’t want to put the beautiful wood wall through that. Thankfully, we were able to flush mount the letters using strong adhesives.

In the end, Portland Local 8 FCU gave us credit for a job well done. Best of all, they can be sure they’ll be looking great far into the future since we offer a lifetime warranty on this and similar signs.

Portland Local 8 FCU isn’t our only client. They aren’t even the only credit union we do work for. We can provide dimensional letter signs for organizations in any industry. Don’t believe us? Try contacting us today for a free consultation, and we’ll give you solutions specifically tailored to your enterprise.

Dimensional Letter Logo Wall Sign Brands Senior Living Center!

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Whenever we walk into a business and see a blank wall, we think of missed opportunities. Your walls are your chance to boost your brand awareness or share information with everyone who visits your facility. Sullivan Park Care Center realized this, so they called in Specialty Graphic Solutions for dimensional letter logo signs in Spokane, WA.

What Goes on at Sullivan Park Care Center?

Located on East 4th Avenue in Spokane, Sullivan Park Care Center is a senior living community that’s part of the Prestige Care family. Their beautiful rehabilitation and nursing center offers support and assistance from a staff of caregivers whose goal is to be a positive part of their residents’ daily lives. They take great care to accommodate the unique needs of each resident by offering activities that specifically cater to them.

When an organization that does so much to keep golden agers happy came to us for dimensional letter logo signs for senior living community in Spokane, WA, we would’ve been off our rockers to say no. We’ve worked on a number of projects for Prestige Care facilities in the past throughout Oregon and Washington. So, they knew they could count on us to do a great job!

We Gave Sullivan Park Care Center the SGS Treatment

During an initial consultation, we learned that Sullivan Park Care Center wanted a logo sign for their conference room. The difficult part was that their branding involves the colors blue and white, but the conference room’s décor relied heavily on brown and beige colors. If we stuck with their corporate colors, the sign would be off-putting at best. We suggested a marker with a gold, metallic finish that would show off the company’s brand while still complementing the existing décor and colors. They thought that sounded fantastic.

We started with a quarter-inch thick black acrylic panel which we routed to match their logo. We then covered the acrylic with a metal laminate face. We offer a wide range of standard metal laminate finishes that can go on clear, black, white, and colored acrylic. For this project, we went with brushed light brass aluminum. SGS offers a lifetime warranty on this and similar signs.

What about Installation?

 Laminate options for letters and logos!

Laminate options for letters and logos!

SGS is located in Vancouver, but Sullivan Park Care Center is in Spokane. That’s more than five and a half hours away by car. That doesn’t sound like it’s in our service area, does it? Well, it isn’t really, but we have connections. Our mighty sign makers have a network of hundreds of trusted sign companies that do top-notch installation work all around the country for us. Even if your business is in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, we can coordinate everything to install your sign.

For some simple projects, we can even walk you through the steps to install it yourself. We’ll guide you with easy to follow directions and tips and tricks.

In the end, our installation partners did an excellent job in Spokane, and Sullivan Park Care Center was thrilled with their new marker!

If you want to add some branding to your conference room or any other part of your facility no matter where you are located in the United States, contact SGS today for a free consultation.

Using Dimensional Letters for Buildings in Vancouver WA

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There’s another dimension beyond that which is visible to just one eye. It’s a dimension as vast as three or four inches of depth and as timeless as up to a decade or more. It encompasses light and shadow, elegance and sophistication, and it lies at the intersection of the skill of mighty sign makers and the summit of signage industry knowledge. This is a dimension of imagination. It’s an area which we call the Dimensional Letter Zone.

Types of Dimensional Letters for Buildings

In case you didn’t catch it from our surreal opening, we’re talking about dimensional letters for buildings in Vancouver, WA today. Before we go any further, we want to make it clear what we mean by “dimensional letters.” This term covers a broad range of signs, including numbers and logos. It can even include flat letters that are installed with spacers to give them their dimensionality.

Now that we have that cleared up, you should know that when you prominently display your company’s logo and name on your building, you’ll catch eyes and let passersby know, “Hey! We’re here!” Commonly referred to as 3D letters (don’t worry: you don’t need the special glasses for these) and raised letters, dimensional letters can stand up against the Pacific Northwest elements to last for several years. They’re also made from an array of different materials:

Sign Foam – Due to its versatility and environmental-friendliness, sign foam is used for many of our projects. These letters are made of high-density urethane and can be up to three inches thick. We make them look cool by adding digitally printed vinyl, covering the letters with metal or acrylic laminates, or painting the letters to match your branding.

Aluminum – Aside from heavy metal, aluminum is the most popular metal in the signage industry. This is because it’s inexpensive, durable, and has many uses. Again, to keep your brand consistency, we can paint your aluminum letters any color you want.

Stainless Steel – Oh no! You got stains on your steel again! Put an end to your stained-steel misery by installing stainless steel dimensional letters. This is perfect for high-tech firms, classy apartment complexes, and high-end retailers looking for an avant-garde, durable, no-nonsense, and chic appearance.

PVC, Plastic, or Acrylic – You can give your building a playful vibe with this range of outdoor-rated sign materials. Flat cut acrylic letters that are standoff mounted and feature spotlighting will produce an elegant play of light and shadows.

This just scratches the surface of what we can do. Thanks to our advanced routing techniques, we’re able to customize your dimensional letters to precisely match the fonts you use on your other marketing materials. Basically, if you can imagine it, we can make it a reality in multiple dimensions.

Wading through all of the dimensional letter signage options may feel like you’re trapped in an episode of The Twilight Zone. Fortunately, Specialty Graphic Solutions can be your guide. Contact our mighty sign makers today for a free consultation if you’re ready to make your venue stand out with dimensional letters for buildings in Vancouver, WA.

Exterior Building Sign for Glacier Tanks in Portland OR Increases Branding Power

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If you don’t have signage on the exterior of your venue, you’re making a titanic mistake! Even if you don’t welcome in clients to your building, your business could still sink if you aren’t working hard on your branding. Glacier Tanks realized this, so they contacted the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions for building signs in Vancouver, WA.

Glacier Tanks Is One Cool Company!

If you’re thinking that Glacier Tanks produces slow-moving military vehicles, you probably don’t operate a microbrewery. For the uninitiated, Glacier Tanks is a leading supplier of beer brewing tanks and accessory equipment. Situated on Northwest 114th Street in Vancouver, they’ve been an invaluable source of a broad range of industrial grade fermenters, tubing, tanks, burners, kettles, valves, and much more for about ten years now.

When a business that produces such important products to support Portland’s brewmasters came to us for exterior building signs for Portland, OR, we dropped our koozies and got down to work. Glacier Tanks knew they could count on us to make them look their best because we’d supplied them with hot blade signs and window graphics in the past. Exterior building signs were just going to be icing on their branding cake.

What We Did for Glacier Tanks

During an initial consultation, we learned about what Glacier Tanks was looking for in their new exterior marker. They wanted a sign that would represent their brand while really catching eyes. We came up with a few design and material options for them. They went with a nice aluminum and PVC number.

Once we had the go-ahead on the design, we moved at anything but a glacial pace. We started with a brushed silver aluminum composite sign panel for the backer. As you can see, it’s evocative of brewing tanks.

To give dimensionality to the sign, we created the logo using half-inch thick painted PVC logo pieces. The beautiful light to dark blue in the mountain and curved elements of the logo was achieved with a laminated digital print on the face of the blue PVC. Also, on the panel is cut vinyl text telling visitors when the company was established.

Once the sign was fabricated, we worked with Glacier Tanks’ schedule to mount the marker directly on the face of the new offices above the main entry. We did it at a time that would cause little disruption to business. We didn’t want to get between brewmasters and their brewing supplies!

In the end, they were completely satisfied with the job we did. The new exterior marker coordinates perfectly with the blade sign around the corner that we did a few months back as well as the window graphics directing customers and delivery trucks to the proper entrance.

Are your sales frozen solid? Do you need a way to get above water? Exterior signs are one of your most cost-effective marketing tools. No matter what industry you’re in, they’re your key to building your name recognition. If you’re ready to boost your branding and drive sales, contact SGS today for a free consultation on exterior building signs.

Interior Dimensional Lettering for Your Portland OR Business

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Before we begin today’s blog entry, we’d like to politely ask that all two-dimensional business owners and entrepreneurs please discontinue reading. You’d find that the following isn’t relevant to your interests. And, we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing that we’d wasted your time.

That said, for those of you who operate or manage multi-faceted organizations, we have a special type of signage that can really help you stand out: dimensional letter signs. Enterprises that want to get their branding or other messages across in a distinguished way turn to these markers to get the job done. Below, we’ll cover some of the best uses for interior dimensional letter signs in Portland, OR.

What Can You Do with that Extra Dimension?

Interior dimensional letter signs are an excellent solution anywhere in your building. Sure, they may be a little overkill in a janitor’s closet, but you can still use them there. Here are some of the more realistic uses:

Showcasing Your Mission Statement – If you operate a nonprofit organization or if your business just takes great pride in its core values or mission, then you should consider displaying your mission statement and values to remind donors, visitors, and employees of why you do what you do. Your conference rooms or meeting rooms are the ideal locations for these signs.

Wayfinding Signs – Are guests in your building constantly getting lost for hours on end? Help them out with dimensional letter wayfinding markers. These signs will grab visitors’ attention and lead them where they need to go.

Lobby Signs – You can invite clients into your offices while building your brand awareness when you have dimensional letters highlighting your company fonts, colors, and logo. If you like dimensionality added to your dimensionality, we can even standoff mount the letters.

Departmental Signs – If you have several departments located within your building or suite, you can save employees’ and clients’ time by clearly labeling the different parts of your enterprise.

What Are Dimensional Letters Made of?

We don’t believe in treating every project the same way at Specialty Graphic Solutions. As a matter of fact, we know that your organization needs to be approached with its uniqueness in mind. That’s why we offer a broad range of material alternatives to cater to different interior decorating schemes and tastes.

Our most popular materials are PVC, aluminum, sign foam, acrylic, and wood. Which is best for your business? It all depends on your branding. For instance, if you run a cutting edge tech firm, you might want to consider flat cut acrylic letters that are mounted with spacers. Or, if you run a law practice with traditional values, aluminum or aluminum laminate letters are a better choice. If figuring out the right materials for your dimensional letter sign has you breaking out in a cold sweat, you can lean on our team to help you decide what best represents the image you want to project.

If you’re looking for a top-quality sign shop that won’t spoil Star Wars for you, contact the mighty sign makers at SGS today for a free quote on interior dimensional lettering in Portland, OR.

Law Firm Matches New Building Sign to Lobby Sign! Brand Building at Its Best!

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GPS is good for a lot of things. Yet, it does have its limitations. For instance, you still need to use common sense, or you might end up driving into a lake. Also, the accuracy isn’t perfect, so it can often get you close to where you need to go, but you need to keep your eyes peeled for the specific location. This is where building signs come in handy. Angus Lee Law Firm realized this, so they contacted the mighty sign makers at SGS for dimensional letter building signs in Vancouver, WA.

 Their new building sign...

Their new building sign…

What Does Angus Lee Law Firm Do?

Angus Lee Law Firm is the law practice of Jennifer and Angus Lee. They defend cases throughout Washington from their location on Northeast Highway 99 in Vancouver. Their criminal cases include homicides, DUIs, and other criminal cases. They’ve even argued cases in front of the Supreme Court for the state and the Washington Court of Appeals. Both Angus and Jennifer have served in the United States Marine Corps, and both believe in giving back to the community.

 ...matches their lobby sign!

…matches their lobby sign!

We’d have to enter an insanity plea to pass up the opportunity to assist such upstanding members of our region when they came to us for exterior building signs for law firms in Vancouver, WA. This wasn’t our first time working for Angus Lee. The firm had us design and install lobby signs in their new building back in April, so they knew they could count on us to win the case. We didn’t let them down.

If Making Perfect Signs Is a Crime, We’re Guilty!

The lobby sign was phase I of the new firm’s branding. The building sign was phase II. The lobby sign already welcomes in visitors to the building and lets them know they’ve found the right place. Now, they needed a way for clients to find the building from far away. A new building sign was a must. We designed it to complement the interior lobby sign by featuring the Angus Lee logo.

We started with two 3mm thick white aluminum composite sign panels that were three and a half feet tall and more than eleven feet wide combined. We then added painted PVC letters with brushed gold laminate plus a gold laminate border around the whole sign. Brushed gold is an excellent way for law firms to showcase their professionalism. We then used red vinyl as a finishing detail to complete the logo.

Once the sign was fabricated, we worked with Angus’s schedule to install the new marker on the face of their two-story brick office building using our cherry picker. As you can see, the new building sign looks terrific during the day, and thanks to the spotlighting, it is attention grabbing at night. In the end, Angus Lee Law Firm decided they’d press charges for excellent sign making and outstanding customer service. We plead guilty.

Are you tired of customers giving up on finding your storefront or offices and going to your competition instead? If so, contact SGS today for building signs that’ll make you stand out.