Do you believe in legends and mythical creatures?  iQ Credit Union believes they can help make a big impression and we do too!  Our challenge: create seven foot tall, life-size cutouts of Sasquatch.  These life-size stand ups are part of iQ’s new legendary loan rates promotion. 

Building a custom stand up of mythical proportion is no problem for the mighty sign makers at SGS.  We’ve done our fair share of wrangling the unusual and we love the projects iQ Credit Union brings. This includes sock monkeys, various sea critters and adorable canines!  We specialize in taking our customers’ creative ideas and bringing them to life.

It’s not every day that you get asked to make a seven foot tall Sasquatch.  The conversation went something like this:

“You know those big cardboard standups?”


“Can you make some that are seven feet tall?”

“Of course!”

“Can you make some of them fold up for transport?”

“We’ll find a way!”

“Oh – and at least one has to fit into a tiny Scion iQ Car.”

“We can do it!”

iQ made Sasquatch fashionable with a fanny pack too.  He’s modeling their quarterly promotional giveaway for members who update their email addresses with the credit union.

Naturally, iQ needed some massive Sasquatch footprints for their branches too.  These fun floor graphics are another way for iQ to promote this campaign plus they add an interactive element.  You can see children and adults following each Big Foot through the branches.

The graphics can be applied to any tile or low-pile carpeted surface. When the campaign is over, they simply peel off and leave no trace behind. Just like the Big Guy himself. 

Do you have a legendary project?  SGS has you covered from head to foot! Talk to the mighty sign makers by calling 360-635-5556 or 503-766-3331. You can also email or fill out the form below.  We’ll be in touch to help you with your signs, vehicle wraps, trade show displays, life-size standups or any number of other ways we can help you and your business Get Noticed!