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Post and Panel Signs Great for CPA Firms in Vancouver WA

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Do customers complain about having trouble finding your building? Do they have to slam on their brakes and perform Oscar-worthy stunts in their car to make the turn into your parking lot? If so, it may be time to install signage that people can actually see. This was the case for Brewer Caley when they contacted the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions for exterior signs for CPA firms in Vancouver, WA.

Brewer Caley? Is That a Californian Brewery?

Not even close. Located on East McLoughlin Boulevard in Vancouver, Brewer Caley CPAs is a full-service accounting firm. They’re licensed in both Washington and Oregon. Their number one concern is building strong relationships with associates, staff, and clients. With relationships, they believe that integrity, trust, and accountability follow. The offer a broad range of services, including succession planning, bank financing, payroll, QuickBooks services, tax problems and IRS correspondence, tax preparation, and more.

 The old sign just wouldn't do!

The old sign just wouldn’t do!

When a firm that does so much for local businesses and individuals came to us for post and panel signs for CPA firms in Vancouver, WA, we put down our calculators and went to work. Brewer Caley had recently updated their name and logo. They used to be called Caley & Associates. Also, their old sign at their location near Clark College was small and hard for westbound traffic to see. We had just the solution.

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Post and Panel Sign

 This new post and panel sign is double-sided!

This new post and panel sign is double-sided!

During an initial consultation with Brewer Caley, we learned all about their goals for the project, and we got to see firsthand the poor job their old sign was doing. We recommended a post and panel sign because these markers are cost effective, easy to read, and professional looking. The client liked the proofs we provided them with, so we began the fabrication process.

We started with a durable aluminum composite sign panel that would be large enough to make the client’s name more visible and readable from larger distances. We then applied full-color digitally printed graphics on both sides of the panel featuring their new logo and contact information. The graphics were covered with a protective laminate to ensure that they’d last for many years to come.

We next coordinated with Brewer Caley to install their new marker when it would cause little disruption to their work. We chose to install the post and panel sign closer to the corner of the lot so it would be more visible to westbound traffic. The sign was mounted on side rails on treated lumber posts that were installed in concrete.

Now, as clients rush to get their tax information to Brewer Caley, they’ll be able to see their building with plenty of time to stop. The client was completely satisfied with the job we did.

CPAs are ramping up for the busy tax season and quality signage is a must. No matter what industry you’re in, make it easy for new customers to find you during your busy season. Install markers that make you stand out. If you want SGS to help you with this, contact us today for a free, no-strings-attached quote!

Brand Building Blade Sign and Window Graphics for Glacier Tanks!

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When you move your business into a bigger facility, you will inevitably lose some clientele. However, you can minimize any dip in sales at your new venue by making it abundantly clear that there is a new enterprise in the neighborhood, and you mean business! Glacier Tanks realized this, so they contacted Specialty Graphic Solutions for window graphics in Vancouver.

Glacier Tanks? Is that an Arctic Army Surplus Store?

Not even close. If you run a microbrewery, you’re likely quite familiar with what Glacier Tanks LLC has to offer. Newly located on Northwest 114th Street in Vancouver, they’ve been selling beer brewing tanks and accessory equipment for almost a decade now. This makes them invaluable to the Pacific Northwest where the microbrew is king. They provide a wide array of industrial grade tanks, valves, tubing, kettles, fermenters, burners, and much more.

When an organization that provides such important products to support our local brewers came to us for blade signs in Vancouver, WA, we put down our drinks and got right down to work. Due to their growing success, Glacier Tanks had outgrown their original location near the airport in Portland and needed something bigger. So, they recently moved their operation to a new facility right by the SGS headquarters. They needed new markers that wouldn’t break the bank since their relocating costs were so high already. We knew just what to do!

We Gave Glacier Tanks the SGS Treatment

One of the least expensive ways to put your name on your new venue and help clients old and new find your new spot is with simple cut vinyl door graphics. So, that’s exactly what we recommended for Glacier Tanks. We perfectly replicated their existing logo using Avery 700 high-performance vinyl, which is celebrated for its durability. We also added a directional arrow to point the way to the store and will call.

The smaller brewing tanks and other products that Glacier Tanks offers are often picked up directly by customers. To avoid confusion, they needed to clearly communicate their hours and where these clients should enter their big new facility.

To make the Will Call entrance easily visible for approaching customers, we created a blade sign that hangs perpendicular to the wall, so it pops out as visitors round the corner from the main entrance. The blade sign consists of a 3mm white aluminum composite panel with a full-color print and protective laminate adhered to it. The powder coated steel sign bracket that it hangs from is screwed directly into the wall.

We used a simple building sign also on a 3mm white aluminum composite panel to display the business hours. The cut vinyl text and info was applied directly to the face of the sign material. We then used 3M’s VHB tape, a commercial grade double sided tape, to affix the panel to the building.

In the end, their branding is easily viewable for all who come to pick up brew tanks as well as for those who drive by their facility. If you want to attract consumers to your new location, contact the mighty sign makers at SGS today for a free consultation on relocation signage.

Add a Post and Panel Sign to Your Vancouver WA Business!

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Can you think of anything more customizable and long-lasting than post and panel signs? Okay, so maybe Mt. Rushmore might fall into that category, but who can afford that? Besides, consumers will never be able to find your business if you place Mt. Rushmore in front of it. So, for the sake of avoiding argument, let’s just say post and panel signs are one of the most heavy duty signage options for your enterprise. And, fortunately, if you’re looking for post and panel signs for Vancouver, WA, Specialty Graphics Solutions has you covered!

What Can SGS Do with Post and Panel Signs?

We thought you’d never ask! The short answer is “just about anything.” The long answer is:

  • Directories – If you’re the property manager for an apartment complex or a neighborhood of condominiums, as is the case with the Sandalwood Condominiums marker pictured, how do visitors know where to go? A sophisticated post and panel sign featuring your branding along with a detailed, to-scale map will guide the way.
  • Safety and Regulatory Signs – You see that sign with the three trees logo at the top and the numbers listed below? That was Sandalwood Condominiums again cleverly sneaking their logo into signage that achieves a few purposes by warning drivers to slow it down, pointing out where some units are located, and letting unauthorized vehicles that they should move along or they may get towed.
  • Primary Identification Monument Signs – Prestige Senior Living really lives up to its name with its prestigious monument sign that serves as the primary identifier for the establishment. These are usually placed next to the road near the entrance to your parking area. We have post and panel monuments signs of many sizes to make sure motorists can see your business with plenty of time to brake!
  • Tenant Identification Markers – Felida Office Suites has professional tenants who move in and out of their various units from time to time. They could have whole new post and panel signs for Vancouver, WA installed each time there is a change in occupancy, but that would get expensive quickly. Instead, we simply create a new tenant name sign to add to the panel, and everyone is happy.

We Can Make Post and Panel Signs out of Anything!

Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement. We couldn’t take a length of twine and a piece of gum and make a post and panel sign. We aren’t MacGyver. On the plus side, we do use much higher quality materials than the TV star. PVC is often used for these markers. In addition, wood and aluminum signs are also popular. Your durability needs and the surrounding environment are the main considerations when picking the right materials. We’ll help you with this.

We can also add fancy post toppers or reflective paint to make your sign pop both day and night. Or, we can incorporate LED spotlighting if you still want people to find you after dark. If you want to put this affordable signage solution to work for your organization, contact the mighty sign makers at SGS today for a free meeting and estimate!

The Versatility of Post and Panel Signs

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Is your business hidden from the road by a few large Douglas fir trees? How do people even know what you’re up to? Unless you’re running a top secret spy agency that doesn’t accept visitors, you need a way to let potential customers know where they can find you. If you’re working with a budget and want to present a certain type of image, post and panel signs for Vancouver, WA may be exactly what the doctor (or property manager) ordered.

Post and Panel Signs Are Adaptable

You may assume that post and panel signs only come in one size, that we go to the post and panel factory and pick up the one model they make, then we hope that it’s right for your enterprise. This simply isn’t the case. We know that every business is different, so we have a broad range of options to ensure you get what’s best for your organization.

If you’re located along a street with high speed limits, we know you’ll need a larger sign so motorists can see where you’re located with plenty of time to slow down and turn into your parking lot without having to reenact scenes from The Fast and the Furious movies.

There are double and single post setups. The double post markers provide a somewhat old-fashioned appeal that’s ideal for performing arts centers, family physicians, day care centers, and more. In addition, since they’re easy to update, post and panel markers are perfect for business entrances, directory signs, and multi-tenant buildings. When information changes, we can simply slide one panel out and replace it with another. There are even specialty shapes and post caps for an extra fancy look.

They Won’t Break Your Budget

With the amount of lost business you could suffer from consumers failing to find your storefront, one could argue that you can’t afford NOT to have post and panel signs in Vancouver, WA. However, they’re inexpensive nonetheless. The costs will depend upon what materials you use, what custom features you want, and the size of your sign.

One of the more affordable post and panel materials is aluminum composite. It doesn’t warp, fracture, or rot. It can also withstand pouring rain, direct sunlight, freezing temperatures, blazing heat, and anything else the Pacific Northwest can throw at it. Pests, birds, and bears all leave these signs alone. We also offer PVC, HDU, and wood options.

Put a Light on It

Unlike Elton John, you can let the sun go down on you when you have ground or side lighting to illuminate your post and panel signs at night. This is a must for business that invite clients in after dark, which comes pretty early in the winter months. Our mighty sign makers have the knowhow needed to install LED lighting systems that make your marker easy to see the energy efficient and cost effective way.

Do we have you yearning for more information about the wonders of post and panel signs? If so, please contact our friendly professionals today for a free consultation!