Is your business hidden from the road by a few large Douglas fir trees? How do people even know what you’re up to? Unless you’re running a top secret spy agency that doesn’t accept visitors, you need a way to let potential customers know where they can find you. If you’re working with a budget and want to present a certain type of image, post and panel signs for Vancouver, WA may be exactly what the doctor (or property manager) ordered.


Post and Panel Signs Are Adaptable

You may assume that post and panel signs only come in one size, that we go to the post and panel factory and pick up the one model they make, then we hope that it’s right for your enterprise. This simply isn’t the case. We know that every business is different, so we have a broad range of options to ensure you get what’s best for your organization.

If you’re located along a street with high speed limits, we know you’ll need a larger sign so motorists can see where you’re located with plenty of time to slow down and turn into your parking lot without having to reenact scenes from The Fast and the Furious movies.

There are double and single post setups. The double post markers provide a somewhat old-fashioned appeal that’s ideal for performing arts centers, family physicians, day care centers, and more. In addition, since they’re easy to update, post and panel markers are perfect for business entrances, directory signs, and multi-tenant buildings. When information changes, we can simply slide one panel out and replace it with another. There are even specialty shapes and post caps for an extra fancy look.


They Won’t Break Your Budget

With the amount of lost business you could suffer from consumers failing to find your storefront, one could argue that you can’t afford NOT to have post and panel signs in Vancouver, WA. However, they’re inexpensive nonetheless. The costs will depend upon what materials you use, what custom features you want, and the size of your sign.

One of the more affordable post and panel materials is aluminum composite. It doesn’t warp, fracture, or rot. It can also withstand pouring rain, direct sunlight, freezing temperatures, blazing heat, and anything else the Pacific Northwest can throw at it. Pests, birds, and bears all leave these signs alone. We also offer PVC, HDU, and wood options.


Put a Light on It

Unlike Elton John, you can let the sun go down on you when you have ground or side lighting to illuminate your post and panel signs at night. This is a must for business that invite clients in after dark, which comes pretty early in the winter months. Our mighty sign makers have the knowhow needed to install LED lighting systems that make your marker easy to see the energy efficient and cost effective way.

Do we have you yearning for more information about the wonders of post and panel signs? If so, please contact our friendly professionals today for a free consultation!

I’m ready to be visible with a post and panel sign!