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Caring For Your Vehicle Wrap

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At SGS we’re big believers in vehicle graphics because they help you Get Noticed. After all, potential customers can see you’re out and about (plus you’ll look really cool and professional with the branding). We want your graphics to last so you get more mileage out of them. So here is a quick guide to caring for your vehicle wrap.

 Here's our crew in action!  Here’s our crew in action!

Make sure your car hasn’t been waxed recently. You might think having the car detailed on the outside creates a blank surface for graphics but instead it makes for a shield. Wax creates a barrier and the adhesive of graphics cannot form a bond on the surface.

As much fun as those drive thru car washes are with the multicolor foams are – they’re pretty hard on graphics. The high pressure water sprays, the spinning brushes, and the high speed dryers can weaken the adhesive of the graphics and cause it to lift off of your car.

Instead, handwashing with a mild soap is ideal. This is more gentle on the vinyl and doesn’t erode the lamination. The lamination is the layer that protects your the ink on your graphics and is a UV layer to prevent sun bleaching.

If you can, park the vehicle in a covered space. No garage? No worries. Just be sure to regularly clean off any dirt or mud. This is especially important in the winter months with de-icer treatments on the road – they’re quite corrosive.

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Bicycle Biker Gang: Vehicle Wraps for Vintage iQ Credit Union Bikes

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Picture your childhood summers. Now picture better, imaginary childhood summers like the ones you see in movies and on television. Were the kids in your imagined vision riding bikes on suburban streets? Did the bikes look modern or did they have that wide handlebar, red and white, 1950’s look? Vehicle Wraps for Bikes make your dreams come true.

If you had a crummy bike with a chain that kept popping off when you were a kid you probably feel a little peeved when you see those movies where the kid is riding one of those beautiful retro bikes and then drops it onto the sidewalk like a heap of scrap. You probably thought you’d treat that bike better, you’d give it the respect it deserves, but you knew you’d never have one because they probably stopped making them. Lucky for you, they did not. And what’s better, we can make them look even cooler.

Vehicle Wraps for Vintage Bikes

Recently, iQ Credit Union, based in Vancouver Wash., got in touch with us. They bought 19 replica 1952 Columbia Cruiser bikes for a promotional event and they wanted to add a bit of their brand to the bikes with a few vinyl vehicle wraps. Before we go further let’s be clear; these are THE bikes. The ones you think of if you combine the words “childhood” and “vintage.” They even come with a headlight. The kind that’s shaped like a bullet. Who wouldn’t want that?

The unabashed awesomeness of this project meant we didn’t hesitate to get involved.

The Process

The bikes arrived in boxes. We scrambled to get them open. They were partially unassembled. No big deal for the Mighty Sign Makers, we figured we’d have them together in a few minutes. Then we found out bikes in 1952 had a LOT of parts. We began the assembly and felt for all the dads back in the 1950s who had to quietly put a bike together on Christmas Eve.

The next step was removing the gas tank, chain guard and both fenders. Taking apart a bike is much easier than putting one together. Once we them all off, we wrapped these pieces in the familiar red and black plaid of iQ Credit Union, digitally printed on premium cast wrap vinyl. When we were finished with the wraps, we reassembled the bikes. They looked awesome.

Not Done Yet

Just before they picked up the bikes, the client got in touch. They asked if we could fill the tires. The thought of taking 19 bikes to a gas station air pump had crossed their mind, so they wanted to see if we could do it. 38 tires on 19 bikes. No air compressor or air pump. Of course, we said yes. The Mighty Sign Makers love a challenge. Just as we got ready to inflate them by mouth, someone arrived with a borrowed air compressor and we got all 38 tires full of air.

The client arrived to pick up the bikes. He congratulated us on a job well done, said the bikes looked “swell” and took one for a test drive.

Barnhart Goes Big with a Vehicle Wrap

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With a family business, you usually think small: a “mom-and-pop” on the corner, something like that. Barnhart, a rigging and heavy lift company, began that way. Founded as a family-owned business in 1969 in Memphis, Tenn., Barnhart is now one of the largest Heavy Lift and Heavy Transport companies in the U.S. with 40 branches throughout the nation. Despite their massive growth, Barnhart is still a family-run business. So, when their Portland, Ore. branch needed a vehicle wrap for their sixteen-foot cargo trailer the mighty sign makers at Specialty Graphic Solutions were happy to do business with them.  Cargo Trailer Wraps Are One Of Our Specialties.

What They Needed

One of the major purposes of a vehicle wrap is to advertise your business on the move. When you’re going to and from job sites, a vehicle wrap can increase the visibility of your brand, but it also labels your work. As your vehicles leave a job well-done, you’re showing people the work you do and your name. Barnhart knew this when they contacted us.

Barnhart had recently bought a new job trailer. They use this trailer to haul rigging gear to and from their job sites. Instead of wasting the space on their sixteen-foot trailer, they wanted to make sure that they were using it to advertise and market their business.

What We Did

First, we took a look at what we were working with. We discussed our options with Barnhart and they decided to go with a full wrap for their trailer with a simple blueprint design that really represented the attention to detail and effort they put into their work.

Next, we got to work. Using our large format printer, we made a full-color digital print wrap with gloss overlaminate. We printed on premium cast wrap vinyl with matching laminate to ensure the best possible materials were going on Barnhart’s trailer.

Last was the included installation of their vehicle wrap. They brought the trailer over to the SGS facility and we put the graphics onto the canvas. Our technicians are precise and we had the trailer looking perfect when the Barnhart team came to pick it up. The awesome thing is that those graphics went to work even as they drove the trailer back to their Portland branch.

If you want to utilize your vehicles to their fullest potential, contact the mighty sign makers at SGS for a free consultation.

RV Wraps Any Way You Get Around, We’ll Make It Look Good

By | Unique Vehicle Graphics, Vehicle Graphics, Vehicle Wrap

Every business has its unique set of tools. The carpenter doesn’t use the same tools as the editor. The chef doesn’t use the same tools as the plumber (hopefully). Some trades use vehicles in their everyday processes and tasks. Not every trade that uses vehicles uses the same vehicles.  RV Wraps.

The vehicles you use in your business should reflect you and your business. The vehicles you use at home should say something about you. Vehicle wraps are a great way to add that touch of personalization, but what do you do when the vehicle you use does not fit the traditional form of car, truck or van?

There are a lot of places that offer vehicle wraps and decals. To them, vehicle means cars, vans, and trucks. That’s not what vehicle means to us. Your business has specific needs and specific tools to fulfill those needs. Not everyone uses a car in their business. You might want a boat, forklift, golf cart, or RV customized to fit your style. At Specialty Graphic Solutions, we’ve done wraps and decals for all of those.

Don’t Limit Yourself

If you want to make your forklift look pretty, we can help. If you want people to remember your name as they leap out of the way of your company golf cart, we can help. If you want to show people what truly lies at the heart of you with a picture of your parakeet on your RV, we can help.

There are more than just cars out there. You shouldn’t be limited to just making your cars cool. There are businesses that don’t use a fleet of trucks, they use fleets of golf carts or forklifts. There’s no need for you branding to be limited because you can pick stuff up and put it down with your vehicle. Even if you don’t have wheels, that shouldn’t stop you from making your tools marketing. You can put an awesome decal or wrap on a boat you use in your business or organization.

Specialty Graphic Solutions

We like to step outside of the norm at Specialty Graphics Solutions. We want to give you great signs that work for you. We don’t mind if you need those signs to work on a boat, car, trucks or covered wagon, we can help you with your branding needs. Your business is unique so we offer unique solutions.