7 Creative Signs You Can Walk On

Have you ever looked at a blank space and thought “that would look great with our message on it” but then wondered if that would even be possible? New materials are allowing marketers to get their message noticed in more and more unusual places. You may think people are too busy checking their phones when walking about but these amazing graphics you can walk on will make them look twice and made us notice these creative signs.

  •  Walking On Sunshine. Monsters aren’t just in the dark! This beast of an advertisement on textured concrete will catch your eye.

  • These Boots Were Made For Walking. The non-skid finish is no problem for this safety sign! 

  • I Walk The Line. Take advantage of a line by promoting products and services. Remind customers of what you offer!

  • I Would Walk 500 Miles. Courtesy graphics make this park a great environment for everyone. Pedestrians and bicyclists, share your space!

  • Walking In L.A. Use those stairs to lead the way to your product.

  • Walk Like An Egyptian. Create floor maps so guests can easily find what they need wherever they visit.

  • Walk This Way. Anybody have any ideas for a cool drink on a hot day? 

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