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Yard Signs: An Easy Way to Sell

Yard signs are a popular outdoor signage option this time of year, mainly because everyone is outside enjoying the warm weather. You can advertise any sort of products or services, from pop-up shop sales to real estate and much more. These signs are flexible, sturdy and easy to customize, making them great for a variety of business types. Read on to learn about the basics of yard signs and how they’re an easy way to sell.

Easy to Install

One of the best aspects of yard signs is how easy they are to install. Simply take the metal or wooden posts and put them into the ground. The panel of the sign, which is where you have your company’s brand, logo, design or advertising message, is handily attached to the posts. These signs are lightweight but durable, making them an excellent idea for a temporary signage display.

Materials of Yard Signs

The signs can be either wood or lightweight metal or even a strong plastic. Wood could be nice for a more formal, professional look—let’s say you’re a new architect in town who wants to show off all that you can do. On the other hand, plastic or metal can be useful for limited-time offers (think back to those pop-up shops mentioned earlier) or political campaigns. These options all have their benefits—you just have to choose which would be best for you.

Custom-Made and Colorful

Many politicians use yard signs to advertise that they’re running for office and to raise name awareness. Or maybe you’re a real estate agent looking to show off a new housing development or hot condos that are perfectly priced for the right customer. Even small businesses that are having a “grand opening” sale need to get their name out there somehow. Whatever it is you need to sell, yard signs are great for getting the word out.

This type of signage can be colorful—in fact, we’d recommend it. Choose bold primary colors so your sign is easily read at a distance. A white background with red or black lettering is a safe bet.

Get Yard Signs While They’re Hot

The prime time to use yard signs is during the spring and summer, so don’t wait to get yours today. Specialty Graphic Solutions produces top-quality, custom-made yard signs, so give us a call now.