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 These bright blue spots catch attention and lead the way to the IT department location.

Floor stickers as directional Signage

Floor stickers as directional Signage.These bright blue spots catch attention and lead the way to the IT department location.

Lewis and Clark College just finished consolidating their IT Help Services into a single Help Desk located in the library.    Once the move was completed, the IT staff was then faced with the question of how to make sure students, faculty and staff could find them.  The answer –  Floor graphics!

The college created a fun & noticeable path with bright blue dots on the floor that led to the new service desk in the Aubrey R. Watzek Library.  No need for extra confusion and headaches when IT services changed locations.  The dots clearly led the way.

And no worries that they had different floor surfaces to work with in the library.  These graphics work on tile, low pile carpets, linoleum, hardwood, concrete and more.

Wayfinding is crucial on a college campus – especially with so many new students arriving each year.  Effective signs and graphics are a smart tool to help people get where they need to go. And especially in the 11th hour when that laptop seems to have eaten the essay due tomorrow – the IT service desk staff didn’t want frustrated students to end up getting lost while looking for help.

Ta-da! The bright 4 foot wide circle is a great way to announce, “You’re in the right place!”

According to Kelly Wainwright, Sr. Director of Client Engagement,  the floor graphics are working.  Folks are finding the help desk and even having a little fun in the process.  She said some folks actively try to step on each dot and others purposefully avoid walking on them – maybe because they don’t want to ruin the dots.

But walking on them is no problem.  They’re covered with a sturdy, non-slip laminate and will hold up for a couple of months even with all the rain & mud headed this way for the winter.

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